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Book Three: Nurse Venus
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1: The Nurse (L)
2: The Lord of the Blues (L)
3: The Bouquet (PG-13) (S)
4: A Day in the Park
5: Flyers (PG-13) (S,V)
6: The Investigator
7: Kevin's Interview
8: Dr. Mizuno
9: The Lake
10: Sensation
11: Ishtar's Dream
12: The Hero
13: The Rose Love Chapel
14: Angel Nine
15: Decisions
16: Agent Tiggs
17: A Place for Martin
18: Two Right Guys
19: Deathwatch
The two sides of Minako by AnimaLuva1

Most chapters of this story rate a PG for some mature topics and occasionally questionable language. I've marked chapters which might justify higher ratings. Reasons for the ratings:

  • (L): Language
  • (S): Sexual Situation(s)
  • (V): Graphic Violence

This is the third story arc in my series, coming after American Dream and Under Black Wings. Except for Hotaru, the senshi of the first generation are all adults, some with children.

Minako, Sailor Venus, has a daughter named Ishtar who is six when the story begins. Usagi has a daughter the same age, Kimi (Kimberly) and a four-years-older girl named Sarah--the current incarnation of Chibi Moon. These girls and some others are about four years older than they should be, a plot twist you can unravel in Under Black Wings.

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