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All Those Kids
A roster and a little info on all those kids the original senshi have been acquiring. Also spills at least some of the beans on a mystery.

I actually refer to this one a lot.

The Inevitable Readme File
Yes, it's lame. But it does have some reasonably useful info.

Kimi Moon
A character writeup of Kimi Moon, the first I can claim as a truly original otaku senshi.

Sailor V Facts
Factoids gleaned from reading Alex Glover's translations of the manga. I decided to put them in the "Secret" section as a little bonus for my clubbies. It's a little gold mine of background for future stories because not too many outside Japan are familiar with Sailor V. I've only seen one fanfic where someone brings back Kaitou Ace, vice all those "Bring back your favorite General" fics.

World Time Zones
The adventures of the senshi in "Dream" take place all over the world, and it's nice to know what time it is elsewhere . . .

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