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American Dream Chronology
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This page shows the timing of events in Sailor Moon's American Dream. Warning: There are spoilers here! Also, some of the dates and events may be different than given in other fanworks or even official works--this is a fanfiction, and I feel free to change anything if I think it will make for a better story.


August 3--Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) is born (or at least that's what it says on the papers at the orphanage.)

October 29--Purported birthday of "Meiou Setsuna" as Sailor Pluto is known in Usagi's world and time. How much reality is attached to this identity is not known, even to the other senshi, at least the "Dream" cycle begins.





is born to Tsukino Kenji and his wife Ikuko.

January 6--Tomoe Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) born to Souichi and Keiko in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the Professor is a part of the Harvard Medical School faculty.


Professor Tomoe leaves Boston to take a position at Mugen Gekuan or Infinity School. Nominally he becomes President of the school; actually his backers (he presumes a keiretsu) promise to support his work with minimal interference.


An explosion and fire reportedly kills fifteen people at Mugen Gekuan, including Professor Tomoe's wife and all but one of his children. Other fatalities include two agents of the Revenue Ministry (Japan's IRS, at least in Usagi's world) who were looking into the finances of the school.


Tsukino Shingo, Mika Kayama born. First definite proof of Mamoru's existence; this is supposed to be the year he was orphaned.


Minako Aino discovers she is Sailor V.

1994 and 1995

The events of the first and second seasons take place, more or less. No one has amnesia in the "Dream" line, though, and Mamoru is spared that silly visions-of-doom thing that separates him from Usagi (What was Takiuchi-sama thinking? That was one of the lamest plot devices I've ever encountered.) Mamoru and Usagi do have some major disputes, though; Mamoru rebels a bit at his life being all mapped out for him, and Usagi isn't at all sure she's ready to stop being a girl and start acting like a grownup all the time. Chibi Usa "knows" they are supposed to be her future parents, and she spends a lot of time trying to get them back together, although she can't resist competing for Mamoru's attention when he's around--she's Daddy's Little Girl, after all!

The Three Lights begin first appear on the charts in Japan at the very end of 1994.


The conflict with Nehelenia happens over the winter, spring, and part of the summer. Mamoru vanishes at the end of August, and the first of the Anima Maids start showing up soon after, as does Chibi Chibi and Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.


American Dream begins after the end of Sailor Stars, in the fall. Mamoru has been at Stanford for a few months (he arrived early to participate in a summer program.) Usagi is seventeen, in her second year of senior high. She moves with her family to the United States when her father is transferred.

Note: I chose to make 1997 the "base" year because it is when the last Sailormoon series in Japan finished. This starts out Usagi's adventures in 1994 rather than 1992 because while Sailormoon went on for five years in Japan, Usagi is still only sixteen according to her final voiceover at the end and she was fourteen when it began. I assume Usagi is close to her seventeenth birthday at the end of the series.

Sailormoon isn't as big an offender as "Archie" (who has been in high school since 1948) or even MASH (the series ran on for eleven years, while the Korean War, thankfully, lasted only three.)]


Usagi takes the train to Stanford at the end of May near the end of the American school year. Usagi spends over two years in Jimmy and Nancy's world, but, when she returns, no time at all has passed. (BTW, the local year in Jimmy's world was a bit earlier when she began, something that helped Dr. Watanabe and others believe she was younger than she actually was.)

Usagi gives birth in the middle of November. She is eighteen according to records, but is actually twenty. (Yes, I know that Chibi Usa's birthday is supposed to be June 30, like her mother's, and maybe it was the last time around, but it has to be in November this time around for the story to work. Sorry if the astrology doesn't fit any more--although I think Sarah behaves more like a Scorpio than a Cancer, when you come down to it . . .)


March - Naru gives birth to her first child, Pleione.

April - Haruka gives birth to Titania.

November -- Carmen first meets Usagi about a year after the birth of Sarah. Mamoru has just begun his first year of medical school. Carmen and Ginger are in their third. Ami is just in her first semester at Stanford.


Early in the year Ami breaks off with Mamoru, and Rei becomes his Mamoru's steady. In the springtime, Ami kills serial rapist Luther Ponds.

Just before summer, Rei sleeps with Yuuichirou, then breaks off with Mamoru.

July - Naru has her second child, Maia.

In the fall, Mamoru begin his second year of medical school (Carmen's and Ginger's final year). Minako becomes Mamoru's steady, and then his lover.


March - Rei bears Yuuichirou's child, Deja, expecting to raise her alone.

June - Yuuichirou's mother reconciles with Rei, and Rei marries her only lover.

August/September - Carmen and Ginger are separated for the first time since they were freshman roommates; Ginger takes her internship in New York.

November - Carmen witnesses Mamoru and Usagi beginning to make love, along with poor Minako. Zara Urawa is born.


March - Michiru and Naru have babies (Nereid and Alcyone)

June - Minako has Ishtar (Ishi-chan, Chibi Venus)

August - Usagi has Kimberly Chiba (Kimi Moon)

Carmen returns to visit with her family after a long time away.

Late August -- Carmen's younger sister Alison is abducted. Carmen and her family are shattered as months pass by. She grows distant from her friend Ginger, and cannot understand why Ami, who was her other close friend, can't be reached. Carmen abandons her hard-won place in the Stanford residency program (ironically, Ginger Han gets her position).

Although it will not be revealed until later, Usagi, the inner senshi, and some others have taken Alison's remains to the Grey Lady's world. They remained there for over four subjective years, but returned after four months have passed in their own world. It actually took two years for the Grey Lady to perfect a spell to revive Alison. Further complications soaked up another two years.

Because some of the children went, too, they are older than they should be. These children are Sarah, Ishtar, Deja, and the first five of Naru's children (two of them, the twins Asterope and Electra, were born in the Grey Lady's world). Mako returns with ZoŽ, child of Kimberly Johanson. (ZoŽ is about a year older than Sarah and Pleione.)


End of summer -

Although it happens "offscreen," Ginger has has fallen in love with Mamoru, though she will not admit it even to herself. Mamoru has feelings for her as well, but he also has his secrets, and, of course, he will never be over Usagi.

Mamoru begins his year of internship. Carmen returns to Stanford and begins her residency.

Subjectively, Sarah (Chibi Moon) is nine, but she is the size of a child of six, something that worries Usagi. Intellectually, Chibi is older--and that worries Usagi as well.

Usagi is 23 on the records, but actually 29 -- older than Mamoru by about a year. The same is true of all the other inner senshi their children--and of Naru and Umino and their children.

The weekend before the internship/residency years begin for Mamoru, Carmen, and Ginger, Ginger confronts Carmen and tries to save their friendship. Carmen discovers Ginger has become involved with Mamoru, and decides she must know if their friendship can continue. She contacts Usagi, and asks, and Ginger is whisked away to spend her last weekend of freedom until the holidays at the mansion.

By the end of the weekend, Ginger Han knows Usagi is the Death Angel, and saves her life--Dr. Alvarson activates a power in her she did not know she had. But Usagi is paralyzed; she does not recover the use of her legs.

In the next four months, the senshi find themselves in the middle of a huge gang war, all ignited by Usagi's foolish attack that ended her long career as the Death Angel. Ginger Han becomes Mamoru's lover, with Usagi's overt blessing--but she is not satisfied. Finding herself pregnant, she returns for a holiday visit to the mansion. Ginger Han decides that she cannot replace Usagi in Mamoru's life, and tells Usagi that it would be best if she married Mamoru. Her argument finally persuades Usagi to relent. They finally marry a few days before Christmas.


Ginger Han has Lily her child by Mamoru in June--in fact, on June 30, Usagi's birthday. She has already resigned from her residency in internal medicine--her power can be best used as a surgeon, anyway, and her pregnancy is not that easy. At the end of summer, she returns to begin a surgical residency--the same program Mamoru is entering.

Ami has also had her first child Hermetia, early in the year. She is visiting her mother in Africa with Kurume when Minako makes her decision.


Early in the year, Minako becomes Kevin's nurse- therapist.

Just as school starts, Mako comes together with Ryo, and they marry. Zoe is beginning middle school.

Minako marries Kevin near the end of November.


Spring--Rescue of Lisette Pinatabo

August--Minako has Isis and Achilles

November--the fight at the lake and the Chicago incident. Sarah is now twelve; Ishtar and Kimi are eight.


Haruka decides to live with Roland for awhile for Titania's sake. Jack Crawford's NSA source makes another contact.

January--Taygeta, Naru's seventh daughter, is born.

April--Rhea conceived.

May--The Angel Nine incident.

August--Michiru joins Haruka and Roland.


January--Martin Tiggs arrives early in the month. Rhea is born the morning after Setsuna returns.

April--All the original female senshi except Hotaru conceive on the same night, a full moon. May--Marvell Jones, Kevin Jones and sister Dardenella all murdered at Highland Hospital. Olivia bears Jackie Octavia (who will be inevitably be known as "Jo") the next morning. Jackie Jones dies (eased on her final journey by Usagi.)


Born on the first new moon of the year:

June--White House incident (in the last days of the month.)

July--With backing from a powerful fundamentalist group, Tammy and Philip's birth parents attempt to regain custody.

August--Lily Chiba revives Mimete, as a child (MTV). Makoto flees the country to avoid handing over Tammy and Philip to their birth parents.

September--Makoto encounters several people from her past in Japan (Story in progress)

Halloween (October 31)--The Reverend J. L. Swainson encounters D.A. Alvarson (the Founder) face to face (briefly) and begins re-evaluating Mrs. Urawa friends.

November--Early in the month, Makoto is arrested for sword possession (acually it belongs to Zoë.) Not too long afterward, Tammy and Zoë are abducted by Yakuza working for Mrs. Nobunaga. They are recovered rather quickly and spectacularly when most of the senshi come looking for them in a very direct manner.

Later in the month, Seiya, Yaten, Kakyuu and finally Taiki return to Earth, after failing to take their planet back from the Hrrrr Empire.

December--On the day of the last new moon of the year, Rei gives birth to a premature daughter. She names her "Sei" after her mother.


Shades of Difference takes place.

American Dream Stories Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Angel of Death Shades of Difference MTV Naru's Girl
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