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All Those Kids
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Birth Years

Year Zero: Sarah* Ami Usagi Uer (November);
Year One: Pleione* Umino; Titania Tenou (later, Descartes)
Year Two:
Maia* Umino
Year Three: Deja* Kumada, Zara Urawa, Tammy Urawa (adopted)
Year Four: Ishtar* Chiba, Kimi* Chiba, Alcyone* Umino, Neried Chiba
Year Five: Philip Urawa (adopted)

ZoŽ's World: 2 more girls for Naru and Umino: Asterope and Electra (twins). All the children marked with * went to ZoŽ's world and stayed for more than four subjective years, though only about four months passed in Sailor Moon's world.

Year Six: Lily Chiba, Hermetia Suuri, Calaeno Umino
Year Eight: Isis Jones, Achilles Jones (twins)
Year Nine: Taygeta Umino
Year Ten: Rhea Tsukino
Year Eleven: Ikuko & Juliette Chiba (twins), Amphitrite Descartes, Hecate Descartes, Aphrodite Jones, Sei Kumada, Tomiko Kumada, Celeste Neko, Ada & Izumi Suuri (twins), Persephone Tiggs, Keiko Tsukino, Yoriko Tsukino, Atlas & Merope Umino (twins), Soraya & Zeus Urawa (twins).

Mothers (Fathers)

Ami: Hermetia, Izumi, Ada (Kurume)
Ginger: Lily (Mamoru)
Haruka: Titania, Hecate (Roland)
Hotaru: Rhea (Shingo)
Ikuko: Usagi, Shingo, Yoriko (Kenji)
Luna: Diana, Celeste (Artemis)
Mako: Zoe (adopted; mother was the first Kimberly), Zara (by Ryo's first wife), Tammy (adopted), Philip (adopted), Zeus and Soraya (Ryo).
Michiru: Nereid (Mamoru); Amphitrite (Roland)
Mika: Keiko (Shingo)
Minako: Ishtar (Mamoru); Isis, Achilles, Aphrodite (Kevin)
Naru: Pleione, Maia, Alcyone, Asterope, Electra, Calaeno, Taygeta, Merope and Atlas. (A very busy Umino)
Setsuna: Persephone (Martin Tiggs)
Usagi: Sarah/Chibi-Usa (Jimmy); Kimberly, Chibi Ikuko, and Juliette (Mamoru)


Minako's son. Hasn't transformed by age four, but people have noticed he has uncanny accuracy with anything he throws or aims--he's the champ of all the gun games at all the arcades Minako takes him to, and the local Peewee League coach is already eyeing him as a quarterback.
Ami's third child, named for the Countess of Lovelace, the first computer programmer. She may be a reincarnation of Viluy. Twin of Izumi
Third child of Naru, and decidedly the most Americanized. Quite intelligent but indifferent to most classes in school, she has a knack for tinkering with gadgets. No attack powers by the time of the White House incident, but an excellent martial artist for an eleven-year-old.
second child of Michiru. She has light blue hair, just the color of Aluminum Siren's.
Fourth child of Minako. She may be a reincarnation of Emerald. Her sigil is a green dragon. Her hair is black, but with a definite greenish tint. Aphrodite's father was an African-American, and she has the darkest complexion of the three children Minako had with Kevin Jones.
Naru's eighth child, and her first boy. Became a teleporter at one, to Naru's regret. Twin of Merope.
second child of Artemis and Luna. Reincarnation of Tin Nyanko. In kitten forms (which she can assume), she is black on one side, white on the other.
Chibi Ikuko
Child of Usagi. Her sigil is three moons,the same as Neherenia's. Twin of Juliette.
/Chibi Mars--Oldest Child of Yuuichirou and Rei. Deja can ignite fires where it would be possible to easily set natural ones, but she has much more power to extinguish fires--a useful complement to her mother's ability. Her most powerful ability is heat sensing: she can, for instance, sense "footprints" left on pavement by minute heat signatures. She's also pretty good at judging strong emotions by the way they change body temperatures.

Deja always wears a bathing cap when she swims because of one ability she cannot control: her hair dries instantly when it emerges from water. She uses up fabulous amounts of shampoo and water because she has to either immerse her head or keep it under a constant, heavy stream in order to clean her hair.

second child of Haruka. She has magic almost right away, and telepathy as well. Promises to be competition for the Pink Menace (Sarah/Chibi Usa) in the just-how-much-trouble-can-one-child-cause department.
/Chibi Mercury--Child of Ami and Kurume. Also called "Erma" or "Meti-chan." Chibi Mercury manifests flight by year 11. She is fearsomely intelligent, of course.
/Chibi Venus--love-child of Mamoru and Minako. Ishi has the power to sense feelings and some ability to modify them. Only two months older than Kimi, she is very close to her half-sister, and people often assume that they are twins.Ishtar, like her half-sister, looks much like their father, very Japanese except for blue eyes. Transformed, however, Chibi-Venus has blond hair.

Ishtar is not especially brave, but she feels she should be. By year 11, she has trained herself to be a formidable fighter for such a small person, even though she has no special attack powers except for a trick she can do with her wings.

Minako's second daughter, twin of Achilles. I haven't thought of an appropriate special power for her yet. At four, she likes to wear beads in her hair, even if it does hurt getting them put in. She's definitely style-conscious. (And where did I get the beads idea? From Venus Williams, of course! I presume beads will come back in style for awhile in my timeline.)

Ami's second child, named for Ami's mother. Chibi Izumi may be a reincarnation of Iron Mouse. Twin of Ada.
Twin (not identical) of Chibi Ikuko. Her sigil is four crescents forming a double spiral, the same as Galaxia's.
Kimi Moon
Second child of Usagi. Kimi doesn't seem to have any fighting power of her own by the time her younger sisters arrive. She has a magic third eye which can provides uncanny vision, including the power to see through things, and she is able to "lend" this ability to others at will, as long as she touches them. Sailor Venus, Chibi Moon, and Sailor Moon can all use their attacks through her eye, making them much more precise.

Unlike her "twin" Chibi Venus, Kimi Moon retains her black hair when she is transformed. She is not a natural fighter, but she is, if anything, braver than Chibi Moon, and thus more likely to get into trouble.

Kimi is short for Kimberly; she is named for Chibi-Usa's murdered friend, the mother of Zoe.

Second child of Naru. Artistically gifted, she goes to a special school that actually has an art program. She has rapid-firing but not very powerful. She also has some knack for learning "conventional" spells but doesn't have a lot of them yet, except for illusions, which she has a specal talent for.
Naru's ninth child, twin of Atlas.
/Chibi Neptune--Child of Mamoru and Michiru. Nereid manifested powers earlier than any other chibi before her. She has extraordinary hearing, and can lend it, like Kimi Moon. Perhaps because she is such a good listener (and eavesdropper), she doesn't talk much. When she does speak, her tongue is often sharper than her mother's.
Child of Setsuna.
taken by Mako from his abusive parents at age three, in Year 8 (on the same day as the fight at the lake).
Oldest child of Naru. Pleione does have an attack power, a beam similar to that of Sailor Venus. It is very unreliable so far, liable to "burn out," and hard to control, but when it works, it is even more powerful than the Crescent Beam. Pleione is reluctant to use it; she doesn't like hurting people or animals.
child of Shingo and Hotaru. Born early in Year 10. Eventually Chibi Saturn.
Firstborn of Usagi; also known as Chibi-Usa. Her sailor forms are like the "Death Angel" that Usagi has become. Like her mother, she can read minds, though not as deeply. She can implant suggestions, but does not have much of the command power, at least yet.

Her fighting powers (so far) consist of a telekinetic ability which is generally non-lethal (but short ranged), and the power to throw ionized blasts that affect other planes as well. She is a faster flyer than any of the other sailors, and the most powerful teleporter, though she doesn't have the fine control of the Ayakashi sisters.

Rei's third child, named after her own mother. Born prematurely on the last full moon of Year 11. May be a reincarnation of Eudial.
first natural child of Mako, named after Zara's lost sister. Soraya has an affinity for plants. She may be a reincarnation of Tellu. Twin of Zeus.
Hotaru's second child, named for her father. Souichi's powers actually manifest in the womb; he makes Hotaru's second pregnancy much easier than her first. Eventually he will become a doctor--like his mother, who will be carrying on her father's work in biotech and cybertech. Originally I intented that he be born late in Year 11, but I've decided to push his birth to sometime after year 13 (when Shades of Difference takes place.)
taken by Mako from her abusive parents at age five, in Year 8 (on the same day as the fight at the lake).
Titania Tenou-Descartes
/Chibi Neptune--Child of Haruka and Roland Descartes. Titania so far has no combat powers and no particularly good sensing powers. She is a good flyer, almost as good as Chibi Moon, and can teleport herself far enough to keep out of trouble, though she isn't powerful enough to fly with or teleport with an adult.

However, Titania is a musical prodigy, with a particular bent toward the violin. By Year 11, she has some renown in her own right, though she usually performs with Michiru, whom she usually calls maman (Haruka is "okasan" or occasionally "Haruka-papa" as Hotaru called her.)

second child of Rei, named after Yuuichirou's mother (who died days after her birth). Rei suspects from her divinations that she may have the soul of Lead Crow.
Ikuko's third child. She has a sigil, a trefoil. Her eyes change color, depending on her mood.
Child of Mako, twin of Soraya.
Child of Ryo and his first wife; adopted child of Mako. Zara was identified as a senshi by Naru and Usagi soon after they met her. She is a powerful telekinetic.
Adopted child of Mako; actually the child of the original Kimberly. ZoŽ does not manifest powers until Year 10. She can dematerialize like Ginger. She also has a Moon Angel form, and quite a powerful attack.

Unlike the rest of Makoto's children, ZoŽ has taken "Kino" as her name. Makoto adopted her before she married Urawa Ryo.

ZoŽ is about a year older than Pleione and Sarah, but two years ahead of them in school. She does not make new friends easily; she is very reluctant to trust anyone she does not know well. She is not one for sports; the martial arts are a deadly serious study for her, and she is not very reluctant to use them. Her fine academic record is spoiled by a lot of incidents of fighting, almost always with boys.

Zoë marries Juzo Ayakashi.

"Sei" (spirit) and "Izumi" (cold spring) are the suggestions of Tory Brown. Mizuno Izumi (Ami's mom) appears in Tory's Takenara Moshi (Sailor Earth) stories and I use her name with Tory's kind permission. Neither Rei's nor Ami's moms seem to have been given names in any of the manga stories or anime episodes.

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