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Notes for Mary

Winner, Fan Fiction of the Month, January, 2001.
Now dead link; was at 1: American Dream
Fate puts Usagi in the New World. Expect more than one surprise. This is a suspense story, so that's all I'll say for now.
Book 2: Under Black Wings
The other senshi find a different Usagi and a very different Sailor Moon. This one covers a number of years, with featured appearances by Ami, Rei, and Haruka, as well as some new faces.
Angel of Death
A short story about Usagi and an unlikely friend. It's a side story in my saga, spanning well over a decade. It also gives short but significant glimpses at some of the other senshi. Not as many spoilers here as in Shades, but I wish you would read Dream and Wings before this one.
Book 3: Nurse Venus
Kevin Levar Jones was a handsome young man before he got into a fight with those mysterious "angels." Now his mother is hiring a new therapist/day nurse who lives in the neighborhood: Nurse Aino. This one has the first appearance of the Chibi Sailors in action, and also some surprises for Makoto, Setsuna, and Hotaru.
Shades of Difference
This is really set about two years after A Year and Change, but its potential spoilers about it are few and subtle. It's a companion piece to Nurse Venus, a short story about Minako getting a second chance with Alan, her love from her days in England. It has total spoilers for the first three books, though, so for maximum enjoyment, you should read it after Nurse Venus and the first two. Unlike most of my other stuff, this one is OK for youngsters because it has no violence, s*x, or even bad language.
Book 4: A Year and Change
This story's centerpiece is Michiru's performance at the White House. It is memorable for much more than the music. Now at chapter 34.
This short story is sort of a companion to "A Year and Change." It's about a lonely little girl and her new friend. Think carefully about the title . . .
Eight (Almost Nine)
A story about an eight (almost nine) years old boy coping with a very determined eight (almost nine) years old girl, a very, very strange new stepmother, an extremely creepy prospective stepfather, and a custody fight. Oh, and bug-eyed monsters, genuine Amazons and, of course, bishoujo senshi. Minty-fresh ending!  
Delights of My Eyes

The eldest daughter of Sailor Moon tries to cope with high school and a ridiculously complicated romantic life (four at once.) Complete!
A Time of Trials
The follow-up to Delights of My Eyes.
Naru's Girl -
This is a story by Usa Serenity which uses situations and characters developed for the Dream mythos.
The Directory of Sailor Earths
I might even inflict one on the unsuspecting public. Here are all the fanfiction Sailor Earths that I've identified and located on the web. Report any others, please.
HTML Tutorial
How the Old Gringo actually gets this stuff up here in cyberspace.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2005
A Time of Trials (part of Chapter 7)

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