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Stone Knives and Bearskins Looking at HTML The Wonderful World of Color Fonts The Sound of Loading Pictures Using WS_FTP LE More Tags Tables Space

Here I will impart what little wisdom I have gathered on the mysteries of making web pages using stone knives and bearskins--uh, using stuff you can get for free. [Sorry, very old Star Trek joke there!]

0. Stone Knives and Bearskins--Where to get the free tools I use, and more help.

1. Looking at HTML--Or, "All that for just a page with nothing on it yet?"

2. The Wonderful World of Color--Messing with color codes.

3. Fun with Fonts--How to make your text look like you want it to look (maybe).

4. The Sound of Loading--Background sounds: How to put them in, and why you shouldn't. Also a bit about lists, boldface, and italics.

5. Putting in Pictures.--Basics of how to put pictures on your pages.

6. Using WS_FTP LE--How to use a free and popular FTP client to put stuff up on your site.

7. More HTML Tags--Some HTML tags you should learn to recognize and maybe use.

8. HTML Tables--How to get your ducks in a row (or a column.)

9. Space: the Final Frontier--Something HTML is terrible at doing, and how to get around it.

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