Putting in Pictures

OK, let's put a picture on the page. This is the button you press in FrontPage Express. On the popup, you can either choose a file or a link to something on the web. To use a file, you have to use the "Browse" button. Then you get to wander around until you find the right directory, because it always seems to start out in "My Documents." Once you get to the directory, though, Frontpage will remember it, at least for the rest of the session. Anyway, once you have it up, you can change a lot of the qualities. I discovered some new alignments here.

This is the code Frontpage generated:

<img src="file:///E:/myGeosite/dream/html/fppicbtn.gif" align="middle" width="25" height="25">

Well, it works on my machine, but it won't work on the web. It's "absolute addressing." What you want for things on your site are relative addresses, like this one:

<img src="fppicbtn.gif" align="middle" width="25" height="25">

Ok, let's do one with Arachnophilia. Usually I press the "Graphics" button at the bottom, and then the "NewImg" button that comes up on the graphics bar.

The Arachnophilia Autocopy popup

First comes up the "Autocopy" popup, since this is the first time I've used this function in this session. Autocopy is a an Arachnophilia goodie that automatically copies graphics files to the directory you are saving your current HTML file into. I usually turn it off, but it can be a great timesaver if you are gathering images from several sources for one page.

The New Graphics Menu

This next one should look very familiar--it's a standard Windows component. Arachnophilia remembers which directories it used in the last session, though, so I don't have to do as much mousing around. In this case, the last time I put up an image file, it was in the "Images" folder. I'll just pick the first one. This is the code that comes up after I finish the selection:

<img src="../images/alicia.jpg" width="142" height="168" alt="">

And this is what it does:

Without any "align" command, it left-aligns. Now I'm putting in an "align=left" command and putting something in "alt=" . . .

Alicia as Sailor Earth

And now the text starts at the right edge. Alicia as Sailor Earth If you look at the code, you'll see that I just put in another copy of the code in the middle of the paragraph and changed width and height to 50 and "align" to "middle." Alicia as Sailor Earth And here's another instance using 25, 100, and "bottom."

Alicia as Sailor Earth Alicia as Sailor Earth

Here's Alicia again with a visible borders and some spacing. The code for this is:

<img src="../images/alicia.jpg" width="142" height="168"
alt="Alicia as Sailor Earth" align=right border=2 vspace=5 hspace=20>

<img src="../images/alicia.jpg" width="142" height="168" alt="Alicia as Sailor Earth" align=right border=4 vspace=10 hspace=20>

<p>Here's Alicia again with a visible borders and some spacing. The code for this is:</P>

Look for Alicia's story at From the Earth to the Moon Anna's Gallery (Anna made the original for this picture)

Now we're going to use this pic as a link button-twice. The "alt" is changed to reflect the place the links will lead to. This is what the code looks like now:

<a href=http://www.crosswinds.net/~marshangel/angelmoon.html><img src="../images/alicia.jpg" width="142" height="168" alt="Look for Alicia's story at From the Earth to the Moon" align=right vspace=3 hspace=3></a>

<a href=http://www.annasgallery.net/><img src="../images/alicia.jpg" width="142" height="168" alt="Anna's Gallery (Anna made the original for this picture)" align=left border=0 vspace=3 hspace=3></a>

Note that the picture on the right has a border now, even though there is no "border" specified. When a picture is just a picture, an <img> tag without a "border" member shows the picture without a border-but when the image tag is inside a link, then a border shows unless the term "border=0" is present. The border color here is the same as for text links.

I always remove the borders from my buttons and banners, but some people leave them in. It does have one advantage: it shows you whether the link has been visited recently. I never see it on professionally-designed pages, though.

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