Delights of My Eyes

A Sailor Moon fan fiction by Thomas Sewell.

Want Frames? Yes / No

Table of Contents

This story starts a little earlier than the main action in Eight (Almost Nine), in the spring of 2010 and near the end of Chibi Moon's first year in high school. It follows her and her friends through her second year. Here is an abbreviated who's who of some of the more important figures in the story. Go to the Information section if you really get lost. 

One: Owlbert and Evan
Sarah meets someone again for the first time.
Two: Pictures Imperfect
Sarah thinks maybe she ought not to be in pictures, at least some of them.
Three: Summertime Blues
Not one of Sarah's favorite seasons.
Four: Talking Bones
Extracurricular Activities.
Five: Devil's Night
Lots of stuff happens around Halloween, which is also Sarah's birthday . . .
Six: Four in Hand
Four of a kind is not necessarily a good hand for Sarah . . .
Seven: Winter
Sarah slogs through winter, but things will be better by spring, won't they?
Eight: Spring . . . and Autumn
The conclusion.

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