Delights of My Eyes

A Sailor Moon fan fiction by Thomas Sewell.

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This story starts a little earlier than the main action in Eight (Almost Nine), in the spring of 2010 and near the end of Chibi Moon's first year in high school. It follows her and her friends through her second year. Go to the Information section if you really get lost. Here is an abbreviated who's who of some of the most important figures in the story:

Sarah Ami Usagi Uer
Sailor Chibi Moon (Rini) in her current incarnation, eldest daughter of Usagi (Serena.)
Pleione Umino
Gurio and Naru's oldest daughter, about the same age as Sarah.
Maia Umino
Pleone's next younger sister, very beautiful, about eighteen months younger and a year behind Sarah and Pleione in school.
Evan Maxwell
A boy Sarah has an interest in, a year ahead of her.
Dexter Petronius
An eleven-years-old prodigy, originally from South Africa, who has a crush on Sarah—and maybe another connection . . .
Prince Kageshirou
Eldest child of Queen Kakyuu, formerly of the planet Kinmoku, and the heir apparent. Incredibly handsome, of course.
Johnny Brown
Football star and unrequited love of Pleione. Considerably gifted for academics as well, but lacks clues for certain very large issues.
Kathy and Lindie
A couple of kids in Sarah's class who are especially strong believers in Reverend Swainson.
Reverend Swainson
In 2010, John Lee Swainson is the most powerful Televangelist in America. He is estranged from his daughter, who has decided to live with Sarah and Pleione.
Benicia Swainson/Betty Beringer
The daughter of Reverend Swainson. She also has another identity, as a senshi: Sailor Earth. She goes by "Betty Beringer;" using a version of her middle name and her mother's maiden name. As Delights  begins, she is an expectant (single) mom even though she is slightly younger than Sarah and Pleione.  (Note: There is some overlap between this story and Eight (Almost Nine.)

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