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Fan Fic Junction
Andraia Matrix's fanfiction archive.
Warning to parental units: does post some hentai.

This is a real "kitchen sink" site. To get to the moonie stuff, click on "Anime" and then on "Sailor Moon" in the next window.

Good points:
  • Many of the stories are reviewed, and you can write your own reviews.
  • The columnists are good reads.
Bad point:
  • It's a huge site, so your stuff kinda gets lost in here.
  • You can get to all of an author's stories from his/her profile page--click on the name. Since multipart stories are often scattered around, this is a great shortcut.
  • Click on signed reviews--if the name is clickable, it will lead to a profile, and often to stories similar to the one being reviewed.

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