A Time of Trials

A Sailor Moon 美少女戦士 fan fiction by Thomas Sewell.

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Table of Contents

This story follows Delights of My Eyes. Here is an abbreviated who's who of some of the more important figures in the story. Go to the Information section if you really get lost. 

One: A Harvard Girl
Onetime student radical Reuben Fine stumbles into a love affair.
Two: Manhattan Melodrama
A big fire, some shooting victims and a suspect who lives in exactly the wrong place makes for a tense day in the Big Apple.
Three: Neptune's Daughters
The suspect may be surrenduring . . .
Four: Rainbow Rose
An aging activist makes some startling discoveries.
Five: Driving While Black
Sarah's boyfriend has a new girl in his life. (in progress)In Progress.
Six: Snake Eyes
Sarah’s and Kendra’s little problem have unexpectedly led to bigger ones.
Six: Hills of Beans
The First Moon is wanted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. But that is not the largest item on her plate. (in progress)In Progress.
If you've been following this story, this file gives bookmarks by the date I posted each addition to this story. (Well, most of them.)
Dramatis Personae. No spoilers for this story.
Characters in Depth
Warning: May have spoilers.

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