Eight (Almost Nine)

A Sailor Moon fan fiction by Thomas Sewell.

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This story takes place about a year after the incident at the White House and the story MTV, although it is told by one of the characters as a very old man. It's part of my "American Dream" series. A lot of characters appear in this story, and I suggest you check out my Information section if you really get lost. Here is an abbreviated who's who of some of the most important figures in the story:

Leon Verhofen
The narrator. He's the son of Major (now Lieutenant Colonel) Verhofen, who appeared briefly in Book 4. His father is long divorced from his mother and has married
Besu Asatara
Aka Sailor Vesta, one of the Asteroid Senshi, formerly the Amazon Quartet. The others are Sere (Ceres), Juno, and Parapara (Pallas.)
Sarah Uer
Sailor Chibi Moon (Rini) in her current incarnation, eldest daughter of Usagi (Serena.)
Nereid Chiba
Daughter of Mamoru (Darien) and Michiru (Michelle,) with a lot of help from men and women in white lab coats.
Queen Kakyuu
A genuine, original, authentic Naoko Takeuchi creation who never made it into a broadcast dub. She is (or was) the Senshi of the planet Kinmoku.
Lords of Light
Seiya, Taiki and Yaten (the last does not appear in this story.) AKA Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer. Kakyuu's court.
Daughter of Besu. Only a fey months old in this story. Hippolyta was the name of one of the legendary Amazon queens and of one of the last of the classical Greek scholars.

One: Beri Big News
Verhofen's son learns of a mysterious change in his father's life.
Two: Badger Game
Verhofen's ex brings his son down for a visitation and a look see at his new wife. Could something go wrong?
Three: Angels?
Eight (almost nine) years old Leon Verhofen gets a surprise visit in the middle of the night. Then, he gets some more surprises on the way to his long-promised visit to Disney world with his father and his new stepmom, Besu.
Four: Amazons
Leon learns there is much more to Besu and her sisters than he suspected.
Five: Aliens
Hey, could life get any stranger for Leon Verhofen? Well, yes! In Progress.
Six: Catfish Walk
Don't ask.
Seven: Featured Attractions
Leon discovers big talents.
Eight: Almost Nine
The conclusion to Leon's tale.

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