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Crochet-Recipes-n-More--Shared by Okie

Share your favorite recipes.

Follow the links below for examples of recipes...these are mine, but I would love to publish yours on this page. Please add any comments, anecdotes, quotes, encouraging Bible passages,etc with your recipes and submit them on the form. I will get them published as soon as I possibly can on this page. I plan to publish a book of these recipes and each one who submits a recipe will receive one, if they so desire, so make sure you send me your mailing address if you want a copy. Remember folks, this is desk top publishing, so don't expect anything professional.
The whole concept is to get as many recipes from all over the world as possible, try them and let the person who submitted them know how you liked them. Meet new friends, share encouragements and recipes. As on the example :"Old Time Recipes" you can see where I told a little about myself in a humorous fashion. It doesn't have to be humorous, but please include a little about where you got the recipe, if your family likes it, etc.
No monetary prizes will be awarded. Your name, a link to your web page, and your e-mail address (if you wish it) will go up on Okie's Home Page. I hope we can share a lot of good recipes, funny anectdotes, encouragements. Let's have fun.. submit your recipe now:Submit Recipe


One Dish Meals:

Yummy Bacon,Broccoli & Rice - submitted by AMY H

Easy Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce - submitted by AMD

Okie's Specials

Family Photo's "Sports Afghan" "Trellis Afghan"
Missippi Mud Cake> "Andrea's Red Velvet Cake" "Old Time Recipes"
"Animated Gif's" "Italian Cream Cake" =" Pumpkin Roll
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