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Know Your Rights Against Child Protective Services
My name is Donna Allison, I am 63 years old and I am in a fight with Butte County Child Protective Services, for the life of my grandson. The following is my story. Iíve written it here because I need your help and more importantly my grandson Tommy needs your help! THE STARVING CA BABY is my grandson.

Do Not Let Them In, Even With Law Enforcement
If Child Protective Services Knock You Are In Danger
You need to know your basic rights:
You do not let then in your home, CPS has no right to take your children without a court order, even if they have law enforcement with them.
You do not have to cooperate with them, you do have to cooperate with law enforcement.
Law enforcement has no right to take your children without a court order.
Do not assume you have nothing to worry about, CPS will lie, manufacture evidence against you and the Juvenile Courts in California will not give you any right to answer the false charges and CPS does not have to prove them, they only need to tell the lie.


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