About NH Psychic

Why was NHPMN started?

It was started in the hopes of linking together a growing community of open-conciousness in the area of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Aside from many people online- there are also a great many businesses. It was about time that they became connected. Besides helping out the wide group of psychic, newage and metaphysical people/businesses- it serves to further others awareness of our community. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are frequently "overlooked". Being a multi-generational resident of NH; at times this can be frustrating to prove that we do indeed exist. For the most part, this area is very open. New England is not behind the times. A great many things were done here before other states made it popular. This is why we started a group.

What can you find in NHPMN?

At the time of writing this, NHPMN is an infant. When we grow, we want to include a source for local information online. But what we are looking for? What do we defina ourselves as? Anyone can say psychic, metaphysical and new age. What exactly do we mean though?


1-Are you a psychic?
2-Have you written a website about it?
3-Are you from the tristate area?
4-Or are you from the tristate area, but wish to know more about psychics because you personally know one- and would like to know more about what they are and do?


This is harder to define. What do we want?
4-General Occult
5-Reiki (or really any sort of healing)
6-Supernatural studies
And if you're not sure... Ask!

New Age

Some many not agree about the definition of new age. We know not everyone likes to the term. But currently "new age" defines things that have been brought forward into mass popularity. It's what is now- easy to find.
2-Eastern Meditations
3-Alternate healing practices
4-Healing with Crystals

We invite businesses and personal practices inot our circle. Also see our links page for email groups, communities and information.

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