There are several diseases that cause the same symptoms than CFS
These diseases have to be excluded by medical exams.
These diseases are:
- narcolepsy
- sleep apnea
- dementia
- lyme disease
- Nutritional deficiency
- Multiple sclerosis
- anorexia
- hypothyroidism
- hepatitis B or C
- ...

Because of these other possiblilities, it is really important that the medical exam is done properly.
These are some laboratory test that can help the diagnose:
- Complete blood count
: helps rule out anemia, leukemia, all blood- and vascular diseases and disorders.
Blood chemistry: to make sure blood and renal and liver functions are all ok.
Thyroid studies: Fatigue can be caused by an abnormal thyroid function, that's why it's so important to exclude this possibility.
Urinalysis: to make sure there are no infections, renal- or vascular problems.

What is your prognosis once you have been diagnosed with CFS?
There are three possible ways that the disease will follow
1. Some patients get better slowly, but eventually the disease dissapears.
2. Some have ups and downs, the disease can stay away for even a few years, but eventually the patient will get sick again
3. A few will never get better and get really bad

What should you do once you have CFS?
- Try to get as much rest as you feel you need
- Stop with unnecessary efforts
- Learn how to relax, for example by meditation
- Learn to accept that there are things you can't do
- Start a diet, healthy food is really important
- Keep warm
-Take vitamins
-Get enough fresh air
- Don't hesitate to ask for help
- Try to get to other pātients. This might help you whenever you feel bad.
- Try to think possitive
- ...

Is a pregnancy possible when you have CFS?
As with every disease, a pregnancy can make CFS dissapear or it might get worse.
Important is that both partners feel ready for the challenge, cause if you feel not well, you might need support. Every situation is different, but pregnancy shouldn't be a problem.

CFS and children, teenagers
CFS in children and teenagers is more common then you might think.
The biggest problem is the education. Lessons at home might be a possibility, as there are several problems in school: some courses are to intensive, long days, heavy backpacks,...
But do make sure that the child/teenager does not get issolated.
Friends are very important in the process of learning to deal with the disease. Many patients experience a loss of friends due to their illness. It might be a good idea to tell the friend about CFs, what it is and what's not possible.
This might open the way to understanding and getting through the virtual fence of isolation.

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