CFS  is a serious illness that causes chronic fatigue, pain and several symptoms, both physically as mentally. The disease is so much more complex then the name might let you think. Several names are used: ME, CFS, CFIDS, post-viral fatigue syndrome, yuppie flue, royal free disease and many more. ME is probably the name that gives the most an idea of what this is. ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) means:
Muos= muscle, Algein= being in pain, Enkephalos= brain, Myalien= white substance in the spinal cord and -Itis= infection. CFS can be seriously debilitating and can last for many years. Here's a list of possible symptoms:
- Severe fatigue after effort
- exhaustion
- muscle pain
- not feeling well
- lack of feeling
- Not enough concentration
- bloating
- headache
- trouble finding the right words
- circulationproblems
- neckpain
- problems with transpiration,
- feeling dizzy
-memory problems
-difficulty breathing
- being over sensitive to noises
- sleeping problems
- heart problems
- having difficulties standing up
- joint problems
- being desorientaded
- being depressed
- loss of sexual interest
- dissiness
- chestpains
- being emotionally unstable
- constipation
- sore throat
- glandular problems
- diarree
- problems with swallowing
- sensitive skin

There are too many possible symptoms to list them all. Not every patiŽnt has all of these symptoms and two cases can have different symptoms.

What should you do when you think you have CFS?
It is really important that you go to a doctor and get a diagnose. Finding a good doctor isn't that easy, as there are still plenty of doctors that don't know enough about CFS, or even don't believe in it.
Before you go to a doctor, make a list of all your symptoms. Write down all you absolutely want to say, so you wouldn't forget
If your doctor has difficulty diagnosing, try to let him send you to another doctor. Some doctors don't know any, but surfing onthe internet can help you find names of good doctors specialised in care of CFS patients.
Anyway, if your doctor isn't taking you seriously, don't hesitate and go to another one, ask for a second opinion.

What could cause CFS?
There are several theories about what exactly causes CFS. Some physicians say it's all inthe head, but I'm sure that's a theorie that can be excluded. Others talk about a virus, or an immunological system that isn't working as it should. Fact is that most CFS patients went through an infection before they got sick, like Epstein-Barr or glandular fever. But fact is that there's no certainty yet.
This diagram is also a possible theorie:

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