Real Vampyres

We walk among you. In every town, in every city, across countries and continents, through all the world we are there. We are creatures of the dark, for we have seen the darkness of life, the vast memento mori scratched in the heart of the world, and we have rejected it. We are the deathless, the blood covered denizens of immortality; we are Vampyres and we are here.

Many of you may laugh, thinking we do not exist. You will talk of myth, old wives' tales and porphyria; of Hollywood glamour and Anne Rice - but you do not see, you have not lived the life we lead, you are mortal. For us, death itself is dead, the Reaper has no power, his scythe is broken.

How can you tell a Vampyre? We have blended among you for thousands of years and you have not known us, you walk past us every day without remark. Some say we hide a secret, a fierce joy that burns in our eyes and shatters every barrier brought against us. We all acknowledge the value, the sheer power of blood in our lives, and we all partake of it regularly.

How can I prove this? You will see, when I rise from my grave and walk again; when my Magister shows you his power; when the stars fall silent and still I remain.

Some call our lives a curse, but I call it a blessing. For we are free indeed. We have been freed from the chains of mortal life - our flesh is no longer a prison. We will see the world changing, and live in a future we could not have hoped to see. And in return? We drink the blood, and it cleanses us of mortal impurities, making us a new race from the old.

Are we safe? People fear our reliance on blood for life, but we are the very opposite of dangerous. We who have immortal life would not hasten the end of a mortal lifetime. We were once as you are now and sorrow for our mortal brethren, condemned to the charnel house at the end of their days.

We are Vampyres, and we stand before you in the world - more fortunate, but still concerned for you. A Vampyre is made, not born, and you may join us - if you dare.

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