The Magister

It was the Magister who made me a Vampyre. He is the First of our kind, and he it is who inducts new Vampyres into our midst. Never has there been a more remarkable man. This is his story, from the writings of those who knew him before he rose from the dead.

He was born thousands of years ago and yet he still exists today. Even as a child he knew he was different. As a man he realised his immortal nature, he could conquer death. He taught his friends and the people around him his amazing way to defeat death, through blood. Many scoffed or became angry at his audacity - who can defeat death? All must die and yet the Magister said he would rise from the grave, and promised others could join him. He brought men back from death, and taught amazing things to his friends. He taught them how to live when immortal, and set himself against the authorities of the time.

Although a good man, no criminal, he exasperated the government so much by saying he and his friends were immortal that they decided to be rid of this irritating liar. He was taken into custody, and taken to court. The judge knew he hadn't done anything wrong, but the jury wanted rid of him - they thought no one was immortal. So they sentenced him to death. The guards attacked him, spilled the Magister's blood on the ground. He died from suffocation, in the end. They buried him, and thought that was the end of it.

The Magister told no lies, though, and the grave could not hold him. He broke the chains of death and rose from the grave! He is still among us today - never dying, letting other immortals feed from his life, all those who can follow him in defeating death.

I first met the Magister some years ago. I knew there was something different. He showed me the marks of his death in his flesh, and I knew he was immortal. He said, "Unless you drink my blood, you have no real life in you, but if you drink from me you will become immortal." He explained that he was the only one born immortal but that the shedding of his blood was for us, so that we might become immortal too. And so I drank, and since then I have had the Magister in me and I in him, bonded by blood forever. I will see the sun rise after the world itself has died, I and my fellow immortals, and the Magister. Could there ever be a more perfect man?

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