The second restoration of the family
1947 Packard Clipper Deluxe
This photo was taken after my father restored the car the first time.  What a beautiful automobile.....
July, 2002 I was given the opportunity to take on the family Packard.  I headed down to Southern California to pick her up and the journey began.
Once we got home to Southern Oregon, it was time to see what kind of shape she was in.  Inspection yielded a badly craked engine block and deteriorated wiring throuout.  The motor was pulled to see what could be salvaged for a new motor build.  The manifold and heads were in great shape.  The carb was rebuilt by my wife Holly. The new engine block and the salvaged parts went off to get a stunning blue powder coat.  A EZ wiring kit ( ) was purchased and the headers are currently at Caps Bright Hot Coatings ( for a Cermacoating.  When they get back I will build the new motor and post a picture. It will be a work of art in its own right.
Links to the web sites mentioned are the spark plugs to the right.
More pictures and progress reports to come.  See our other project, "Teensy" at click the metro link below.
EZ Wiring
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December 2003
I am building the new 350 at last!!!  Here I am setting the crank.  Please excuse the messy garage. There just isn't enough room for all of my projects.  Getting closer to driving this beauty around town. I can't wait!!!
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Last update: January 12, 2005
January, 2005
I have been putting a bit of time into the new motor build with a little help from my friend to ensure I don't screw up.  It should be on the road in no time. After the motor build, I plan to rip out all of the old cloth covered wire and get to installing the new wiring harness from Painless.
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