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          Immortal Youth
          Song: Never Die
          Artist: Creed
          Series: Interview With The Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles)
          Size: 7.71 MB
          The focus, as you might have guessed, is on Claudia. I don't know why. I don't even like Claudia. But this song just fit her so perfectly. Only Creed could proclaim "your youth will never die" like it's a bad thing.
          Warnings: Corpses, and some quick nudity where you can't really see anything. As for spoilers... it's only one movie. Either you've watched it or you haven't. But yeah, if you haven't watched IWTV, I guess there are pretty big spoilers.

          VIDEO LIST

          VideoArtistSeriesSizeLink to Page
          EdenTo DestinationSailormoon6.65 MBDown
          Like Lovers Holding OnTexasFF824.5
          At the BeginningDonna Lewis/Richard MarxFF95.87 MBPage 2
          The Lucky OnesBif NakedVarious6.42
          Land of ConfusionGenesisFF77.88 MBPage 3
          Are You Ready?CreedInu-Yasha7.49 MBPage 4
          My WayLimp BizkitVarious7.32
          Lunar: Eternal RomanceDidoLunar2: Eternal Blue10.6
          I'm SorryStaindMagic Knight Rayearth6.87 MBPage 4
          Final Fantasy CubedGacktFF7, FF8, FF98.25 MBPage 2
          ElevationU2GW5.43 MBPage 3
          SlashvilleGoo Goo DollsSmallville7.48 MBPage 7
          Immortal YouthCreedIWTV7.71 MBScroll up.
          Look at MeCreedAngel Sanctuary9.92
          Dancing on Their OwnOctober ProjectFFX12.1
          Not Worth SavingCorey TaylorSmallville9.75 MBDown
          Haunted BabylonPoeTokyo Babylon23.9
          Forever Fornever ChampionsQueenYuu Yuu Hakusho65.0 MBDown
          Sweet and SimpleJimmy Eat WorldBastard!!60.1
          Vampiric EyesQotD/Jay GordonNightwalker90.0 MBDown
          Yuusuke's Bad ReputationHalfcockedYuu Yuu Hakusho39.1
          Vash is Gone3 Doors DownTrigun21.0
          Space CowboysPaula ColeCowboy Bebop21.8
          Midnight in Hell(sing)E NomineHellsing6.24
          Between Yuki's Heart and MindDave Mathews BandGravitation6.42
          Song of the Ancient DragonSmashing PumpkinsEscaflowne25.9
          In Her HeadCranberriesEscaflowne25.7
          Make It Go AwayHolly ColeX9.85
          Black/White WingsCounting CrowsEscaflowne16.9
          The Killer in YukiSmashing PumpkinsGravitation13.9

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