North Alabama Pagan Alliance

Contents: The "North Alabama Pagan Alliance" (NAPA) is the name given to the organization that is working to organize a Pagan Pride Event in the North Alabama Area for 2003.   In addition to working on this event, we are also here to try and bring all of the various traditions and paths together for the common good of our community.   While the name of the group says "Pagan". members from all beliefs are welcome as long as they maintain an open mind and respect the beliefs of the other members.

We currently maintain a free e-group on yahoo that you can join by simply entering you email in the form below and clicking on the "Join Now" button.  This is a free open group.  Anyone who would like to help us in our efforts of promoting religious tolerance in North Alabam is welcome to join.

As stated above, we are open to members of all faiths / denominations / paths / traditions.  The only requirement is that you respect the beliefs of the other members, even if they differ from your own.  We are not here to try and convert each other to our various beliefs, but to help promote understanding amongst the various religious organizations in our area.

In the name of the Divine Trinity we send the brightest of blessings to everyone.

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