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LEFT PHOTO: At my heaviest, 200 lbs. on Mother's Day, May 12, 2002! =(
RIGHT PHOTO: At 161.6 lbs. on 10-20-03! Can't wait to hit 150's soon! =)



What made me Join WEIGHT WATCHERS? I had been gaining steadily over several years and told myself to never reach the forbidden 200 lbs.! I would get a few pounds close to it then go down some. I never thought I would actually see the numbers 200 on my scale in my lifetime! It did that one awful day in May 2002! My heart dropped to my feet! I knew at that moment that I had to do something about my weight and my health as well! Too bad it had to happen only when I reached 200 lbs.! I should have done it earlier! It really worked well on me as I lost 35 lbs! Went down to 165 lbs.! Then my dear Grandma got sick and passed away. I stopped going to WW and stopped the program altogether. (Check out the May 2003 journal.)

After a long absence, I decided to go back to losing weight and whip myself in shape! I wanted to do something different this time. So I joined the gym and its 12 weeks weight-loss/exercise program called "Well for Life". I love it! I do cardio exercise and air weights. I can see my body changing and shaping up. When I joined on September 8, 2003, I was at 170.4 lbs. I am eating better and exercising almost every day if I can! I feel better and have more energy now! =)

Each month has my weekly weigh-ins and short journaling for each week.
When I first joined WW, my weight was 199.
So I am basing my losses on that, not 200.
Now since I have started Well for Life program since 9-8-03,
I will start journaling for that on 10-20-03.
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