1968 Mustang Parts

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We hope to provide you with information to make owning your 1968 Mustang more enjoyable and show you some interesting facts from the Mustang Model Year 1968.

1968 Mustang Overview

Everything took a more rounded appearance.A collapisble steering column was added which was a major safety improvment and more padding can be found in the interior of the 1968. *Side Markers in the front and rear,Door handles which folded down,Shoulder belts and the rear view mirror was attached to the windshield,a locking latch to hold rear seat in place in case of a crash in the Fastbacks.

* The early production 1968 Mustang had a color matching trim around the marker,late production Models a chrome (bright trim) finsihed trim

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We have two areas to cover on Decoding a '68 Mustang.The First is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) found on the dash as you look into the 68 Mustang from the Passengers side windshield,and the Warranty Plate found on the Drivers door just below the latch.
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1968 Mustang Options

Options for the 1968 Mustang was endless with Factory and Dealer installed items from the simple tissue holder to the mighty 428 Cobra Jet engine

Also on n this Page you will find the GT,Sprint Package and Special Order Paints as they were Options.

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The 1968 Mustang Specials

Our most popular section covers the Special Edition Mustangs offered by Regional Ford Dealers.Best know of these is the California Special and High Country.We'er proud to say we were the frist to bring Photos and information about the Gold Nugget and Cardinal Special

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1968 Specials



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