I called to the Lord and cried out to Him

And I told him my sorrows, secrets and sin

I asked His forgiveness and peace for my soul

I asked for the answers that will make me feel whole.

He did not reply, He kept to Himself

And waited to see if I wandered anywhere else.

I cried out again, Dear Lord I must know!

But His silence chilled me like new fallen snow.

In anger I yelled, why don't you hear me??

My eyes have been blinded, I no longer can see!

He did not answer, he did not reply

And I fell to my knees and started to cry.

I begged and I pleaded, for his eyes to see

That this pain was unbearable for the weakling in me.

I shouted I need you!  Why do you leave me alone?

He said, "you've been walking, but you've yet to come home."

I asked what He meant, then He started to speak,

"you're looking for answers for what your heart seeks,

but you've not remembered that My will is good

and it's far better than anything you've understood."

I scoffed it at first, how could he say that about me?

I say all my prayers and offer praise from my knees.

His hand touched my shoulder, and with a tear in His eye

He said, "my dear child,  I heard your soul cry,

I did not forsake you, I was there all along,

But you kept your own pace, and kept doing wrong.

It's now that you call me, when things don't seem right,

But when I was listening to prayers, where was yours last night?

Yes my dear child, you reach out to me,

But only in times when there's no other way you can see.

You have got to remember I'm your Lord at all times,

Not just when you're tired of your uphill climbs.

And what good would it do, if I moved all those hills?

You'd no longer seek me, you'd proceed with your will.

It's during the struggle when your eyes look to me,

That's when I can show you how happy you'll be.

Yes my dear child, I can make it alright,

I can clear all your battles so you no longer shall fight,

I can move all the mountains and clear away clouds,

But if I do this dear child will you still call Me out loud?"

I told Him I'm hurting, oh how I need His peace,

He said, "take My hand, My wonders won't cease"

I looked at my Lord who was on bended knee,

With a tear in His eyes and His arms stretched to me.

I said, "Lord, I'm sorry, why did I not know,

That you were there all along, it was I who let go."

My Lord, how He smiled, with His arms around me,

He said my dear child, "your blinded eyes now can see.

Your troubles will be there each night and each day,

But if you reach to Me, I will show you the way."

It was then that I realized that my will won't be done,

But if I walk with the Lord, there'll be no need to run.

So each challenge I face I take on in stride,

Never fearing another for the Lord's by my side.

And now my dear friends, I hope you can see

That the Lord is YOUR savior just as He is for me.

So when you feel troubled, raise your hands to the sky,

And thank the dear Lord and stop asking why!

He knows what you're feeling, and He'll be there for you,

Reach out to Him, that's all you must do!




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