"My Grandpa"


If you asked about my Grandpa

I don't know where I'd start

I guess I'd tell you 'bout the things

He held closest to his heart.

Well, first there is my Grandma

The greatest love he's ever known

He found her with a broken heart

And gave his loving home.

Then there were his children

Some were his and some were steps

But you couldn't tell the difference,

He loved them none the less.

He had a lot of grandkids

That filled his heart with joy

He couldn't wait to give us

A piece of candy or a toy.

He had a love for animals,

There was Foxy, Josie and Joe,

He delighted in their company

Like no one could ever know.

And oh, how he loved fishing

He'd spend hours at the beach

Waiting for the Big One

That was always out of reach.

Then there were his pine trees

The foundation of his pride,

With a chainsaw and a smile,

Off on his four-wheeler he would ride.

His faith in God was steady,

His soul was filled with love,

And I know that he is home again,

With the angels up above.

He loved to have a good time

playing cards, though he'd get beat.

He'd laugh and laugh and laugh for hours,

As he swore the girls would cheat.

So when you ask about my Grandpa,

My eyes may fill with tears,

Because it's time to say goodbye,

To those precious loving years.

But I'll tell you with a smile,

That I was his biggest fan,

He was someone you could count on,

An honest, loving man.



"I Wonder If She Knows...."


I wonder if she knows

I miss her every day

And she's still my dearest friend,

Even though I moved away....

I wonder if she knows

She has an angel's heart

She makes me feel like she's right here

Even though we're miles apart.

I wonder if she knows

That I could search the earth

And never find a more precious thing

Than what my friend is worth.

I wonder if she knows

She makes me laugh through tears

And she's the one I'd want by my side

If I had to face my fears.

I wonder if she knows

When I search my memory

For best friends I've had in my life,

She's the only face I see.

I wonder if she knows

There were times I thought I'd die

If it hadn't been for her

Staying by my side.

I wonder if she knows

That whatever she goes through,

I'll give her anything she needs,

There is nothing I won't do.

I hope now that she knows

She's my best friend through and through

So Tricia, thanks for everything

Because the "she" in this is you.




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