The one I used to turn to


I am trying now, to let you go for good

I know that you don't want me, that is understood.

I tell the world around me, that I will be just fine

But the truth is everyday I still wish that you were mine.


I may never know the reasons we threw it all away

But I hope you believed me, I wanted you to stay

I close my eyes and cry for you, no one understands

But you still hold my whole heart right there in your hands


The pain from deep inside me only worsens late at night

The one I used to turn to will no longer make things right

If only I could reach out and still find you standing there

But now when I stretch out my hand, it's left lonely and bare.


I miss you and I love you, how I wish you would return

They say we all have heartache, it's a lesson we should learn

I wish I could forget it, I wish I could be set free

From the memories all around that still imprison me.



Itís been awhile


It's been a while since I've seen your face

My heart just feels like an empty space

It's been awhile since I felt your touch

I never knew I'd miss it this much


It's been awhile since I heard your voice

But I know that I have no choice

It's been a while since you wanted me

I wish we could be like we used to be


It's been a while since you held me tight

But I feel your arms around me almost every night

It's been awhile since we've made love

So I spend the nights alone staring at the stars above


It's been awhile since you held my hand

 I'm looking all around but it's alone I stand

 It's been awhile since I felt you near

 But I close my eyes and it's like you're here.


It's been awhile since you said "I love you"

Sometimes I wonder if it was ever true





Somewhere on the wind


I lay in my bed at night

And I don't make a sound

Other than the pounding of my heart

There's no other noise around.


And then somewhere on the wind

As faint as a slight breeze

I hear your voice calling me

And my heart is put at ease.


I only hear you say my name,

But the memories then onset

And I hear every word you've said

Since the day that we first met.


And then I close my eyes,

And I can clearly see your face

Smiling like you used to

With your arms open for embrace.


I can see that look again

The one you always made for me

Like I was the most beautiful girl

Your eyes would ever see.


And then I feel your presence

The touch of your finger tips

Your warm breath on my neck

Your soft and pressing lips.


It's like you're there with me

Even though I know you're not

It's like you still love me

I guess for just this moment I forgot.





Maybe you were right,

We've been over from the start

I can think it in my mind,

But don't believe it in my heart.


Maybe I was wrong,

I thought you were sincere

When you told me that you loved me

But you're no longer here.


Maybe I was blind

When I saw that glimmer in your eyes

I thought that it was there for me

It turned out to be a lie.


Maybe I'll get over you

And know it was meant to be this way

But right now I just miss you

And I wish that you would stay.


Maybe you gave up

Because you thought it was right

I wonder if you miss me

When you lay in bed at night.


Maybe you'll remember

how we could feel it in a touch

There's no way we could fake that

But I guess it doesn't matter much.


Maybe I'll forget it

I know that life goes on

But I know I'll always love you

And I'll wish that you weren't gone.



Is it true?


Is it true I'll never see you

Or ever touch your face

Is it true that you have left my life

Gone without a trace?


Is it true you don't want me

That I'll never hear your voice

Is it true it's really over

And that I have no choice?


Is it true that I can't touch you

And we won't make love again?

Is it true that I've lost the man I love

And the dearest of my friends?


Is it true I made you unhappy

When I only tried to please

Is it true you aren't coming back

When I can't believe you'd leave?


Is it true that you're not bothered

That you really don't miss me

Is it true you have given up

And this is how it's going to be?


Is it true you didn't mean it

When you said you loved me too

Is it true I should just give up

Because you want me to?



But still Iím holding on.


I know you say let go

But still I'm holding on

I just can't find a way

To believe that you are gone


You are all I ever wanted

My heart is still with you

When I gave you everything I had

It was forever through.


I believe that true love

Never has an end

And you were more than my love

You were also my best friend.


I gave you all my trust

And my faith was all in you

I held on to everything you said,

Please say you love me too....


I don't know how we got here

How did we come to this

I didn't see it coming

I couldn't feel it in your kiss.


I can only hope and pray

That your love for me is strong

That you'll find your way back to me

Because it's where you belong.


I will love you always

There won't ever be a time

That I will stop hoping

That someday you'll be mine.





What kind of fool am I

To think that you loved me

You never even really cared

And now thatís plain to see.

What kind of fool am I

That I ever would believe

That weíd find happiness as one

And that youíd never leave

What kind of fool am I

For trying to hold on

To someone who was never mine

And now wants to be gone

What kind of fool am I

For crying over you

And begging for my love to stay

While youíre saying we are through.





There are days I feel so lonely

Even though I know youíre there

And although you may say you do

Sometimes I think that you donít care.

There are times I feel confused

And donít know how you feel for me

One day I think itís love,

And the next, it just canít be.

It seems like you want me

When the time is right for you

But when you donít want me around

There is nothing I can do.

Sometimes I think your shamed

Of the feelings that we share

Like you want no one else to know

When you have me there.

And maybe itís just me

Am I reading into this?

But sometimes I can feel it

In the absence of your kiss.

At times you seem so distant

And others youíre so near

But Iím afraid to tell you,

Because itís losing you I fear.




I see the sadness in your eyes

And I know I put it there

Although I may not show it much

I swear to you I care.

I donít know whatís come over me

But Iím feeling so depressed

I know that Iíve been far away,

That doesnít mean I love you less.

My mind is clouded with decisions

That I know that I must make,

But I have to do this carefully,

I donít want to make mistakes.

I wish this could be easier

I canít stand to see you cry

And I wish I had the answers

When your heart is asking why.

I am asking you for time

And a little breathing space

I know there will come a day

Iíll wipe the teardrops from your face.




You can tell me that Iím wrong

You can say that itís not true

But I can feel you pull away from me

And I know that we are through.

You can tell me that you love me

And how you need me so

But I feel your warmth withdrawing now

And your heart is letting go.

You can promise me the heavens

You can try to steal the moon

But I can sense that you are leaving me

And the time is coming soon.

You can talk about our future

We can even make a plan

But I can tell our time is ending

And youíll never be my man.





I donít want to hear your reasons,

I wonít even ask you why,

And donít tell me that you love me

How can you look at me and lie?

Did you think that you could hide it

Were you sure Iíd never know

Or did it matter not to you,

Were you prepared to let me go?

You say that she means nothing

It was only a mistake

And you didnít mean to hurt me,

But still, my heart must break.

You say I should forgive you

It was nothing more than lust

But I can not forget this

And you canít regain my trust

You tell me that youíre sorry

And you donít need to be free

But when you laid in bed with her

You didnít even think of me

I canít tell you how this hurts me

My soul now has a void

I thought my heart was safe with you

But now it is destroyed.



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