I'll ask you not for anything


You kissed me one last time

And weíve seen our final day

Iíll ask you not for anything

Except remember me this wayÖ


My eyes were lit with happiness

When they were staring back at you

My smile was bright and genuine

Because of all the things youíd do.


My heart was beating wildly

Every time you were around

My body sang with every touch

Even if you heard no sound.


As I drove by your house

I softly blew a kiss

Iíll ask you not for anything

Except remember thisÖ.


My heart is always with you

My love is there forever more

And Iíve left a window open

Even though youíve closed the door.


If we never meet again

and we each find somebody new

there will always be a part of me

that will still belong to you.



Iíd have given up


Iíd have given up the sunshine

just for the smile on your face

to be the only one for you

that no one can replace.

Iíd have given up the moonlight

if I could only be

the only woman that you want

because thereís no one else for me.

Iíd have given up the flowers

if I could just believe

as I am laying in your arms

that you will never leave.

Iíd have given up the stars

If I could know without a doubt

that I will be the one true love

that you dont want to live without.

Iíd have given up the ocean

if I knew it were true

that you love me the same

as the way that I love you.

Iíd have given up the blue sky

if I could just pretend

thereís no broken heart inside me

because our story had no end.





My heart no longer beats the same

My lonely lips still speak your name

Tears are running down my face

Where once a kiss had left itís trace.

I canít lay my head upon your chest

And feel my neck and hair caressed

My hands are bare without yours to hold

Where once the warmth replaced the cold.

I close my eyes with thoughts of you

Wishing that our time werenít through

The stars seem dim, thereís no moonbeams

Where once we danced in all my dreams

And now nothing is as it was before

I have lost my love forevermore.

My soul is filled with emptiness

Where once I knew true happiness.





Nobody knows itís empty

This smile that I wear

The real one is left in the past

Because you have left me there.


Nobody knows Iím crying

They wonít even see my tears

When they think that I am laughing

Iím still wishing you were here.


Nobody knows Iím lying

When I say Iím moving on

They think that Iíve accepted it

But I canít believe youíre gone.


Nobody knows itís different

They think Iím just the same

But still I weaken at the knees

When someone says your name.


Nobody knows itís painful

They think that I am strong

They say that this wonít kill me

But I wonder if theyíre wrong.


Nobody knows Iím praying

That you will change your mind

They think that I had let you go

When you left me behind.


Nobody knows I miss you

They think I feel set free 

But I feel like Iím bound with chains

Trapped in this misery.


Nobody knows I want you

They think that Iím alright

But Iím still dancing with you

When Iím dreaming in the night.


Nobody knows I need you

They say I can do it on my own

But they donít know Iím crying

When I am all alone.



I didnít think it could


I didnít think it could

But I found out all too well

That my heart can cry itís own tears

Itís like an endless well.

I didnít know it could

But itís a lesson I can teach

That my hand can cry itís own tears

Because youíre beyond itís reach.

I didnít think it could

But now Iíve come to see

My body can cry itís own tears

Because youíre not holding me.

I didnít think it could

But now I surely know

My mind can cry itís own tears

I guess it hasnít let you go.

I didnít think it could

But to this conclusion I must come

My soul can cry itís own tears

Because Iíve lost my only one.

I always knew they could

Because they do it everyday

My eyes are burning with the tears

Of seeing you go away.



Did you Forget?


Did you forget I need you?

Because I canít find my way

I built my world around you

I donít know how to live this way. 

Did you forget I want you?

Because no matter who I see

There is no one that compares to you

Youíre the only one for me.

Did you forget I crave you?

Because Iím left here all alone

I have no arms to hold me tight

And no one to call my own.

Did you forget you have me?

Because my heartís still in your hands

Iíd give up everything for you

Iím still your biggest fan.

Did you forget I trust you?

Because I gave you all of me

From the first moment that my eyes met yours

You were the only one I see.

Did you forget the good things?

And think the bad would be too rough

Were you afraid of taking risks

Thinking love wonít be enough?

Did you forget to hold on?

I would have stayed right by your side

I wonder where my love has gone

Thereís been so many nights Iíve cried. 

Did you forget I love you?

Because I do, more than I say

Iím still praying that this all will change

I still miss you every day.



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