Welcome to the Coast 'n' Country Rod, Custom & Drag Racing website...

We are a group of people who live scattered from Sydney in NSW up to the Gold Coast in Qld, and many places in between.  We all have similar  interests ... street rods, custom cars and/or drag racing.

Occasionally some of us get together at shows, events or each other's places to bench race, check out the latest projects and all that sort of stuff...

The group is now purely social. We used to be an incorporated club, but as we're scattered up and down the east coast of Oz, getting together for meetings, planning events etc. proved pretty difficult ... so now we just keep in touch.

We're always interested in hearing from other people who have the same interests, which is why we have this website, as it's an easy way to keep in touch and reach others, and for others to reach us... at present by email or snail mail, but a discussion forum will be online soon. 

Our site includes a free for sale/wanted/swap section (mainly, but not exclusively, for rods, customs or drag racing vehicles) and has plenty of direct links to other related sites, as well as a large number of webrings, where you can surf through 100's of other sites of interest. 

We also support the 
Australian Women's Motorsport Network 
and hope you'll visit their new site & forum... 

so far, we've had Counter petrol heads popping in to visit our site. 
Thanks for helping us build the numbers and we hope you'll visit again very soon.

if you use or know about 'fly buys' cards, this is a much better way to earn points and an easy way to shop if you're a busy person or hate shopping. 
You can convert your points to cash if you like, play on their exchange system, enter competitions, bid on auctions, do surveys... or just shop till you drop! (Australian site)  

don't forget to make sure you're listed 
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