Under New Management... At Least for Now

At the request of Mo, I have taken the responcibility of maintaining his Mozenrath site and forum, as well as my own. Real life, as we all know it, has a nasty habit of changing its hands on us, and thus he has fallen into its trap.

This site will not be changed much, if at all. I will probably move all the gifs and jpgs to Photobucket for easier access, and possibly the wavs to a different host to promote faster download of those, but other than that, things will pretty much remain as they are.

- Cougarmint


Enter The My-Browser-Sucks No Frame Version

2004, and the world has still not ended

Just thought I'd pitch something out there we can all be happy for, right? In 2000, all the computers and electric systems on earth was suppose to go out. When that didn't happen, the world was going to end May 5 2001 because the earth would suddenly flip its poles. Anybody remember all this stuff? It's like going to see a latter-day Steven Spielberg film. They make you think things are about to get interesting, and there wasn't much to see.

Oh well. Let's get on with the show.


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