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I have always been a "pretty girl who just needs to lose a few pounds." My
grandma must have said it a thousand times. I started packing on the
pounds at the age of 5, and began having heart problems as a result. My
grandma promised me a Barbie doll case if I lost 20 pounds -- I lost the 20
pounds and got my Barbie doll case, but the weight came back within 4
months. I can remember weighing 160 pounds in the fifth grade.

I have been on diets my whole life and nothing has ever worked. After
prescribing several different unsuccessful diet pills, my primary care
physician mentioned the gastric bypass surgery. The thought of surgery
scared me to death, but I thought of a friend of mine who had already gone
through the surgery, and she looks terrific. I decided to consider this

My mom has always supported me in every decision that I have ever made, but
when I told her about the surgery, she told me I was absolutely crazy. I
told her that if my insurance approved it, I would take that as a sign from
God that I was meant to have the surgery. All of my friends were
terrified, but supportive. They had all witnessed my weight battle and
knew that I was at the end of my rope.

On the morning of September 18, 2001, David, my ex-husband, drove
me to the hospital. He was very supportive of the surgery, but told me
that if I was doing it for him that he wanted me to turn around and go
home. I told him that I was doing it for him and my family, but most of
all I was doing it for myself.

Everyone always asks me if it was painful. Initially, yes, it was painful.
My stomach muscles hurt when I tried to sit up, sit down, or lie down, and
I got blood clots in my leg from immobility. This was my own fault because
all I did was lie around. Though I only vomited occasionally, I had
constant nausea for the first six weeks after the surgery. This is
probably my only complaint, but I kept telling myself that the fear, pain,
and nausea would all be worth it -- and it was. I would do it again in a

In May, 2002, I had my first series of plastic surgery. I had the fat
under my arms taken off, breast implants, a breast lift, and had my bra
line lipo-suctioned. I am so happy with the results. I can wear the
cutest little shirts now.

The day I went in for surgery, I weighed 295 pounds. I now weigh 160 (I
haven't weighed 160 pounds since I was 9 years old)! I still have 31 more
pounds to lose to reach my ideal weight, and also still need a tummy tuck
and lipo-suction done on my thighs, but I feel so beautiful already.

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