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Well, this site is going through another clean out.  some of the old sites that have died are being taken down.  Some new ones will probably by going up in their places.  If you would like to have your site linked here, just send me the site address and your banner, and I will link you up here.  Thank you.

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Well, my counter broke, again, so I had to put a new one up.  Before the newest counter, at least 8,496 people have been here.  Thanks for your support.
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My newest fansite, dedicated to the wonder that is Naruto.

updated: 4-30-05
Rockman site run by myself and my friend Zero.  Its small right now, but its growing.

last updated: 12-14-04
Where all the misc. stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else goes.  Basically this has the humor section, random quotes, the About the Author Section, fanart that doesn't have its own site yet, ect.  If you have anything you would like to donate, please email me.  thanks.
Friends' Sites
This is my friend Mik-chan's website.  It has her fanfics, and stuff on it.  Its a really nice site, so stop by and give it a look, and remember to sign her gueastbook.  She'll love you forever if you do.
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