ImJustAKid'Play is the work of Childhood' unknown
Letting Kids be Kids.....
The world moves very swiftly for adults.... and we drag our kids into the 'speed of light' motion we create for ourselves. But.. can you remember those wonderful years of your childhood? Laying under a tree in the summertime looking up at the clouds - igniting your imagination? So why are we in such a hurry for our kids to grow up and jump into the fast lane? SLOW IT DOWN! LET KIDS BE KIDS!

There is more to life than increasing its speed....Ghandi
Most people you talk to on a Friday afternoon confess to being exhausted. They need Saturday to re-connect with themselves, their families and their lives. Forever life has been called the 'rat race' and I think for the first time in history, the children are feeling the same way. Should a 5 year old child be feeling the same as his or her 30 year old parents on a Friday afternoon? Were we protected from the grinding life when we were small? What is causing this forever shift in the lives of our children?


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