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"Marlip's Beautiful Poetry"

The world of intellect, beauty,
& emotions are expressed
through the gift of writing.

Through the art of writing the artist
is able to release to
the reader expressions,inner thoughts,
& life's experiences.

Like a doorway to another world,
poetry reveals life's innermost revelations
through the author's penmanship.

The writer expresses his or her own self.

I have always loved the romance
and mystery of poetry.

My poetry is about personal life experiences
and visions of my own imaginations.

This poetry is my own original writings and copyrighted!

Please do not use without permission!

I would appreciate your comments!

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I am a member of "Famous Poets"

& have published poems in the new Anthology

"Eternal Songs" and "Best Poems Of 2003"

Upon attending "The Famous Poets" convention of 2001

I received

"The Shakespearean Trophy Award Of Excellence!"

Authorship includes,

"The American Society Of Poets",

"The International Society Of Poets",

"The Famous Poets"

I have since entered my poetry in The International Library Of Poetry.

You can go to the site at

Click on the title to read the selected poems!

Sail Away

Destiny Of Man


Lost Love

My Ruby Red Rose

Time To Pray

My Sister

Love Me

Lonely Days

Lovers Arms

Like Yesterday

Our Thoughts


Just Crazy

Pics And Memories

I have included a photo album of family
and friends whom are very special to me.
This album will also share photos of trips
and cool places.
Hope you enjoy!

Free Photo Albums from Bravenet.com Free Photo Albums from Bravenet.com


I dedicate this webpage to my new friend Judy.
The beautiful graphics and creations made it possible with her help.

Thank You Judy!

Please visit her site!

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