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Stephen R. Franks was born on the 17th of July 1951. He grew up in and around the Dallas, Texas area. He was the middle child of three boys and was always considered the quiet one. He was married twice. He choose to depart from this world on 12th July 2001, his memorial service was held 17 th July 2001, what would have been his fiftieth birthday. Stephen was one of the most kind and compassionate men I have ever met. He believed in a lot of people who were struggling to believe in themselves. He tried hard to protect all the people he loved. He was playful and mischievous and brought laughter to the day for a lot of people just trying to make it thru. He loved his children and was extremely proud of them. He was an adoring grandfather. The sunshine in his life the day that his grandson was born was visible to everyone. He loved children and revelled in the time spent with them. There was so much he wanted to be able to do and felt like he couldn't.

I met Stephen four years before his death when we began working together on a project at work. We had an instant understanding and trust I have never found with anyone else. We believed in, trusted, and supported each other completely. I found his sense of humor infectious. During some of the most difficult times in my life he helped me smile, laugh and find joy in the world around me, sometimes I was able to give that back to him. I will always love him and I will never forget the gift and blessing his presence in my life was. I miss you Stephen. In memory of Stephen I am designing and making a rememberance quilt and this is the design. The center will be cross-stitched "The Dance" one of his favorite songs and very much the man that he was. The pinwheel blocks will be alternated with photos and embroideried blocks.

October 2004:

After three years I still miss Stephen. I miss the warmth in his voice and the love in his heart. He is the sunrise and sunset in each day and in a remembered moment he brings peace into my heart.


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