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Inclusive InkaQuest Tours is a professionally-licensed adventure tour company based in Machu Picchu Travel the historical Andean city of Cusco, Machupicchu to travel to Peru.

We operate treks to Machu Picchu Travel, tours, and adventure trips throughout Peru, using our own professional staff and equipment.

Our team is made up of the most knowledgeable and experienced resident guides in Machu Picchu Travel and Cusco, tour leaders to travel through the amazing Peru and staff, all of whom receive specialized yearly training.

We offer guided, multi-day combination trips, trekking, rafting, mountain biking, cultural and scenic tours, and customized travel to Machupicchu in the majestic mountains and river valleys of the Cusco area and beyond. Inclusive InkaQuest Tours  specializes in creating unique itineraries for those wanting to take the less-traveled route.

Machu Picchu Travel We also provide several other exciting trips that cater to a wide variety of travel styles and fitness levels. 
Whether our clients are interested in hiking the Inca Trail to MachuPicchu, discovering and travel to Machupicchu and the many other fascinating Inca trails throughout the region, or simply experiencing the astounding natural beauty and history of Peru and the inkas of Machupicchu, we ensure quality service with maximum attention to personal safety, comfort, and enjoyment
During our trips to Machupicchu and Travel throught Inka trails to Machupicchu and Peru, we make every effort to stay environmentally conscious, causing as little disturbance as possible to our surroundings.

Inclusive InkaQuest Tours is a small, personal operation formed by a Cusco native with 10 years of experience in adventure tourism in Peru and
Machu Picchu Travel.
Inclusive InkaQuest Tours carefully selected staff of only the best professionals and our staff of tour guides will give you the most believable history about Machu picchu and The Inkas and also the history about Pre inkan Culture and Peru. Our goal is to share our first-hand knowledge and love of this wonderful land and its people, creating exciting and unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Machu Picchu Travel

Machu Picchu is a settlement built by the Incas in the fifteenth century. Inca, or Inka, is the name that was given to the inhabitants of the basin of the Huatanay River, on whose banks the city of Cuzco was built. Before that time the Incas had succeeded in forming a kingdom that dominated the middle part of the Vilcanota River.

Machu Picchu Travel  History

Traditional history The legend tells that that kingdom had been founded in times immemorial by a hero called Manco Khapaq and his wife Mama Oqllu, whose origins are mixed up with the apus and tutelary gods of mythology and are full of magic and sacred events that speak of the installation of agricultural tasks, crafts, the founding of cities, and the establishment of order. Manco Khapaq was succeeded by several sinchis ("lords") or governors linked to traditional wars with their neighbors and a progressive growth of power and capacity for conquest. Finally, when Inca Wiraqocha governed, the neighbors to the west, the Chancas, intensified their acts of war and laid siege to Cuzco, until the Incas were liberated by a new hero from then on called Pachakutec Inca Yupanki ("the Inca who rules everything and who returns the land").

Machu Picchu Travel

Thus began the formation of the empire of the Incas and their Yupanqui governors left the local sphere of their dominions in order to take charge of the political and economic administration of a territory which they enlarged on the basis of military conquests and alliances. Their Tampu neighbors and the inhabitants of Vilcabamba were some of those initially conquered. It is in those circumstances that Machu Picchu was built.


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