This is the introduction to stop cruelty to animals!

This Paw Prints On The Heart
site is owned by Mallory Dahl.

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All They Ask Is To Be Loved.
They Should Never Have
To Suffer Abuse!

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Stop Animal Cruelty Ring This Stop Animal Cruelty Ring
site is owned by
Mallory Dahl.

Stop Animal Cruelty!
End the abuse, end the suffering...
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Hard to believe, isn't it?
Through no fault of their own,
animals like these are abandoned every day.
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Help us show these animals
just how wanted they are!
Please visit your local shelter!

Visit the
Animal's Voice HomePage and join the ring!
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This No Cruelty To Animals site is owned by
Mallory Dahl.

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This Animal Rights Web Ring site is owned by

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Animal Lovers Club Ring This Animal Lovers Club Ring site owned by ---Your Name Here---.
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These are all the rings I have joined thus far. I am convinced animals hav feelings...just not pain, but emotions like love and trust. All animals have a right to live, just like you and me. If you feel the same way, come, finish the journey. Click on the link below.

The fight to stop animal abuse

Help with this crime!

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