Tennessee Walkers and Andalusian Crosses

Situated in Entwistle, Alberta (Central Alberta, Western Canada), owned by Greg and Maureen Germscheid, we produce pleasure and performance horses.  Our goal is always to have horses with excellent temperament, soundness, athleticism and good looks.

The Andalusians, who are Spanish bull fighting, dressage, jumping and performance horses, have been of great interest to us.  This breed has high standards and boasts to have retained and preserved its purity for many hundreds of years.  The Andalusian cross, especially the thoroughbred cross (Iberian Warmblood), is a formula that is successful in producing a highly desireable hybrid.

We invite you to take a few moments and visit our page.  We have showcased one of our stallions, a few of our mares, and several of our younger foals for you you to see.  If you have any questions for us or comments on our page, please either sign our guestbook or send us an e-mail!

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Greg & Maureen Germscheid
Entwistle, Alberta, Canada

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