Between August 1979 and June 1986 Madness released 23 singles. All are listed below with a brief description of how they came to be.

 the princeThe Prince
Lee says: I found myself writing a 'right gem', which was to be released in Sept. '79 on 2 Tone (an old pals label). A tribute to Prince Buster, "The Prince", was written over a cup of tea and dunkies late one evening 'round Carl's.

one step beyondOne Step Beyond
Carl says: If the Mads had never covered this one I probably would't have written this. You see a long time ago Lee asked me to introduce the Mads, so I made up the intro and because I could shout the loudest they let me shout One Step Beyond a few times before they kicked me off stage. After a while I got fed up with being kicked off so I started moving about avoiding them, everyone thought "wow a new dance" ha ha. I haven't stopped moving yet.

my girlMy Girl
Mike says: Well this song is about a phone call I had while I was trying to write a song. It's my favourite song off One step Beyond. Anyway i'm having trouble with this, although it's good I don't have a lot to say about it so tha's my lot then, and I wish you all well, well all the ones who deserve it and the rest i'll just prey for your souls.

work rest and playNight Boat To Cairo
Suggs says: Mike had written a very Eastern sounding tune in the hey day of the off-beat, which inspired me one evening to tosh out a verse (at which it stayed) in a similar vein. The Nile, Cairo, an old barge and a toothles oarsmen. A feeling of no beginning and no end, just (hopefully) a few mysterious images conjured up in the brainbox.

baggy trousersBaggy Trousers
Suggs says: A song about school, school in london. I wrote a list of everything I could remember about the one I went to. I ended up with about six pages, some good and a lot of it boring, all from my own experience. I then thought how boring it must have been from a teachers point of view particularly in that school where there were 2,000 boys and a very small percentage interested in anything other than going home.

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