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Welcome to Terry's Down South Caprice 9C1
Above is my 1994 Caprice 9C1 with LT-1. I hope you enjoy this site. I will be adding pictures often,so  check back from time to time. If you have any questions  feel free to contact me.
History of my 94 Caprice 9C1
My Caprice 9C1 was built on Feb. 15, 1994 and became a Police cruiser on May 26, 1994. It was hard at work for St. Johns County Police Department in St. Augustine, Fl. I purchased the car on July 20,2000 for 4531.00. When I purchased the car it had 89,000 miles on it. They had already stripped it of it's lights and decals, plus put a new fresh base coat clear coat white paint job.
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