No evidence that vaccines cause insulin
dependent diabetes mellitus

Tom Jefferson, Vittorio Demicheli

Excerpted from:
J. Epidemiol Comm Health  1998; 52:674-5

"Histological and serological findings in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) are consistent with autoimmune causes and recent work suggests polygenic inheritance. The incidence in developed countries seems to be increasing, although it is unclear whether this finding is real or artefactual. Given the age of the victims of IDDM and marked differences in incidence of the disease in children under 15, international attention has began focusing on the nature of possible external stimuli in the genesis of IDDM. Among these, vaccination schedules have been also called into question as possible modulating factors."

"We report the results of a study aimed at assembling, examining, and summing up evidence of the possible link between vaccination schedules in humans and onset of IDDM. We carried out an exploratory review of current state of knowledge of human autoimmune disease, the causation of IDDM, and its possible links to human vaccination. By means of extensive searches of Medline, Embase, Biosis Previews, Current Biotechnology Abstracts, and Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts databases using ad hoc strategies we identified 95 possible studies."

"We interviewed eight researchers active in investigating trigger factors for IDDM. Evidence of a causal link in humans was sought by reviewing a sample of 12 large trials and two meta-analyses of paediatric vaccines."

"The papers that explored the relation between vaccination and IDDM either did not find evidence of the causal link or found evidence against such a link."

A Swedish childhood diabetes study found a significant decrease in odds ratio for measles vaccination (OR = 0.69; Cl: 0.48, 0.98) and no significant effect for tuberculosis, smallpox, tetanus, whooping cough, rubella and mumps vaccines. According to Hyoty the elimination of natural mumps by the MMR vaccination may have decreased the risk of developing IDDM in Finland and a recent epidemiological study found no difference in cumulative incidence rates of IDDM between two cohorts of children born before and after the exclusion of pertussis vaccine from the national vaccination schedule."

"We conclude that at present there is no evidence of a link between IDDM and vaccination in humans.

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