On 1/30/97 the FDA held a VACCINES AND RELATED BIOLOGICALS workshop. 

Part of the presentation summarized recent findings regarding simian virus 40 (SV 40) and its association with polio vaccines.   The full text of the document is available HERE. (Adobe format)

Important points from the presentation include:

1. PCR assays are used to screen current polio vaccines for SV40 VP1 antigen to ensure none are present.

2.  There is a distinct possibility that SV40 is commensal, i.e., already distributed in the world environment separate from any polio vaccine issue.  There is evidence that 5 to 20 percent of sera taken from humans before the introduction of the polio vaccine, from humans who were not immunized with the polio vaccine, or from humans in isolated regions of the world, such as the Amazon forest or New Guinea, had antibody that appeared to be specific for SV40.

3.  SV40 can infect humans through normal avenues.  It was found that 50 to 60 percent of humans who were exposed to rhesus monkeys or exposed to SV40 in the laboratory can be shown to seroconvert, indicating that people in contact with the virus in the natural environment can, in fact, be infected.

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