Dr. Wakefield's actions exposed!!

Dr. Wakefield, the controversial British doctor whose studies first suggested a MMR/autism link,
has been charged with serious professional misconduct.   He is more specifically charged with
    ". . . publishing 'inadequately founded' research, failing to obtain ethical committee
    approval, obtaining funding 'improperly' and subjecting children to 'unnecessary and
    invasive investigations'."


Wakefield's 'research', which ran in 'The Lancet', is said to have done more damage than anything published in a scientific journal in memory.   The subsequent scare led tens of thousands of parents to boycott the vaccine. Immunisation rates fell over the next five years from well over 90% nationally to a low of 78.9% in early 2003. As a direct result of Wakefield's irresponsible actions the number of cases of mumps soared from 4,204 cases in 2003 to 16,436 in 2004 and to 56,390 cases last year.

In 2004 it emerged that at the time he was preparing his paper for 'The Lancet', Dr Wakefield was being paid by lawyers for parents of children allegedly damaged by the vaccine to look for evidence that could be used to help sue the manufacturers of the vaccine. He received 55,000 (€80,000) from the Legal Aid Board which was paid into his research fund, but which he did not disclose to his co-researchers.Wakefield was accused by 'The Lancet' of failing to declare a conflict of interest that could have influenced his findings. Editor Richard Horton said if he had known in 1998 about the conflict of interest he would never have published the paper.

A detailed professional analysis of the numerous flaws and deficiencies in Wakefield's paper is available at:   LINK

Among the many defects of Wakefield's paper are:
1.  The research hypothesis of the paper was not clearly stated.
2.  Inappropriate test design
3.  Conclusions were not supported by the data.
4.  Lack of support from numerous other larger, much better done studies.

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