FEAR MONGERING:   spreading discreditable, misrepresentative information designed to induce fear and apprehension.
John B. Classen Background:
Dr. Classen received an MD degree from the Univ. of Maryland in 1988, but did not qualify for a medical license until October 3, 1997. (1)
[He didn't appear to be motivated to get a medical license until his no-license status was exposed on an internet discussion group on 10/17/1996.] (2)

Dr. Classen has apparently never practiced medicine.  He was apparently employed at the National Institutes for Health from 1988 - 1991 before leaving to form his own private firm - 'Classen Immunotherapies.'  Other than the short stint at NIH Dr. Classen  provides no other qualifications or experience in health research.

Since 1991 Classen Immuntherapies have yet to market a   'therapy' for anything. 

Dr. Classen claims to be dedicated to understanding the supposed 'chronic effects' of vaccines, and to developing his own 'therapies' for non-infectious diseases.  Dr. Classen claims to not oppose vaccination, but his own website has links only to other anti-vaccination groups.

More problematic are possible financial motives Dr. Classen may have.  Dr. Classen's own website (as of 5/99) has the following interesting quote:

"Classen Immunotherapies believe that its technology is essential technology based on the large unnecessary risk of developing IDDM using current technology. The cost savings as well as laws governing safety of pharmaceuticals will force all vaccine manufacturers to utilize Classen Immunotherpies’ proprietary technology." (3)
(emp added)

Issues of Credibility:
Dr. Classen may have overstated certain data and literature references. 
While not comprehensive, the Issues of Dr. Classen's Credibility page provides numerous representative examples of questionable claims.

A large number of studies have been done which cast serious doubt on Classen's claims of vaccines causing diabetes or other autoimmune disorders.  SAMPLES.

1. Usenet posting by Lon Morgan, DC
2. Per a phone call to the Maryland Board
    of Physician Quality Assurance.
3.Classen website

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