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Vaccine Adverse Events:
Separating Myth from Reality

" substantial evidence links measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to autism, or hepatits B vaccine to multiple sclerosis."

See article in American Family Physician


Dr. Wakefield Exposed!!

NEW_Yel_flash.gif (416 bytes)MMR and Autism in Japan:  negative results (2007)
   No difference in incidence of autism between those who
    had received MMR and those who didn't.

No Evidence of Measles Virus in Autistic Children (2006)
   " evidence of measles virus persistence in the peripheral
    blood mononuclear cells of children with autism ..."

Immunizations and autism: a review of the literature (2006)
A systematic review of the scientific literature finds no
     evidence of a thimerosal connection or of the value
     of chelation therapy.

Vaccines and the changing epidemiology of autism.
    No evidence MMR plays any role in the aetiology of autism

Thimerosal exposure in infants and developmental disorders
British study:   ". . . no evidence that thimerosal
      exposure via DTP/DT vaccines causes
      neurodevelopmental disorders."

Thimerosol-containing vaccines and autistic spectrum disorder
Colorado study:  "Studies do not demonstrate a
     link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and
     ASD, and the pharmacokinetics of ethylmercury
     make such an association less likely.
Vaccination and Allergy
Israeli study:  "There is no evidence that vaccines
    such as Bacille Calmette-Guerin; pertussis;
    influenza; measles, mumps, and rubella; or
    smallpox have an effect on the risk of the
    development of atopy later in life."

Does immunization protect against atopic disease?
". . . early vaccines could promote Th1
     proliferation in response to the infectious agent
     contained in it, which inhibits the
     enhancement of atopic manifestations."


US Immunization rates hit all time high
   In a stunning blow to the mis-leading efforts of
    anti-vaccinationists US immunization rates have
    hit an all time high of 81%.

Timing of routine immunisations and subsequent hay fever risk
  New study in the BMJ concludes: "Immunisation
  against DTP or MMR does not increase the risk
  of hay fever."

Editorial Commentary on the above study further
   "Parents of children about to be vaccinated should be

   reassured that common childhood vaccines are unlikely
   to promote atopic disease."

Autism continues to rise in Japan despite no MMR
   Parents need have no more fears about the triple vaccine
    against measles, mumps and rubella

MMR vaccination and autism : what is the evidence for a causal association?
...using techniques from molecular biology to
     population-based epidemiology, and with a vast
     number of independent researchers involved, none of
     which has been able to corroborate the hypothesis.

New Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer
   A vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer
    and genital warts cut long-lasting infection by 90%
Thimerosol does not cause developmental disorders
Two recent studies published in Pediatrics report
     thirmerosol in vaccines does not cause developmental

Separating fact from fiction in the etiology and treatment of autism:
A scientific review of the evidence.

Impact of Anti-Vaccine Movements on Pertussis Control: the untold story
"Cases among children deprived of vaccine may have
      exceeded hundreds of thousands, and disease-related
      clinical complications (eg, pneumonia, encephalopathy,
      and seizures) may have numbered tens of thousands."

What has caused the increase in Asthma?

   The latest evidence suggests "Regular attendance at

     chlorinated pools by young children is associated with
     an exposure dependent increase in lung epithelium
     permeability and increase in the risk of developing
     asthma . . ."

Thimerosol in vaccines
"The hypothesis that thimoersol exposure through
     the recommended childhood immunization has caused
     neurodevelopmental disorders is not supported by
     clinical or experimental evidence."

- MMR vaccine and Autism
". . . the evidence favors rejection of a causal
    relationship at the populatioin level between MMR
    vaccine and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)."

Opposition to Immunization: A Pattern of Deception
  *  MUST READ *
  Deceit on the web and elsewhere!

Anti_Immuniztion activists: more deception

DPT immunization and Atopic/Allergy diseases:
  Is there a connection? 
Special Supplement!     
Lancet study shows no link between MMR vaccine and autism.
(news article)
  see also:   -Commentary-

IMPORTANT:  New BMJ study refutes pertussis vaccine/wheezing connection

Research summary refuting a MMR
vaccine and autism association
   Scientific data do not support causal
   association between autism and the
   MMR vaccine

No connection between flu
immunization and asthma

    - Arch Fam Med -

DPT immunisation protects against SIDS
  "Epidemiological evidence indicates infants
   immunised against diphtheria, pertussis and
   tetanus (DPT) are at decreased risk of
   sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)."

Immunisation and  Diabetes
  ". . . there is no clear evidence that any
   currently used vaccine can prevent or induce
   diabetes in humans. " 
        *  * MAJOR STUDY BY HILTUNEN  *  *

MMR, Autism and Irritable Bowel Disease(IBD)
   New study shows no association between MMR
    and autism or Crohn's disease.

IMPORTANT: new study refutes vaccine/Type 1 Diabetes connection!

Another Epidemiology study refutes vaccine/Type 1 Diabetes connection

ffects, thimerosol, MMR, DTP, DTaP, asthma, diabetes, pertussis,

Recommended Web Site: 
    The National Network for
Immunization Information

nnii_logo.gif (2272 bytes)

Chiropractors and Immunization.
    Time Magazine takes note of the increasing number of
    chiropractors who are speaking out in defense of immunization.

Autism:   another topic often lacking facts when discussed within the chiropractic profession
"We, as a profession, need to stop paying such
     overblown homage to a dead Davenport grocer
     and his megalomaniac son.  We need to wake up
     and smell the data . . .
       Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

Immunization in Canada: A Success to Build On
     "Outdated attitudes, misrepresented data,  and
       unsubstantiated allegations do a   disservice . . .
     It is the responsibility of these provider groups

      (chiropractors, etc) to ensure that a majority of
      their members understand the benefits of
      immunization . . ."

       Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

Pertussis Immunization: an Update
     "In view of the considerable scientific evidence
     for the desirability and efficacy of pertussis
     immunization, chiropractic should encourage
     patient participation in this worthwhile public
     health service."
Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

Letters to the Editor on the above Pertussis article:
     "While not a panacea, immunization is probably
     one of the most effective public health care
     measures available."
       Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association

Chiropractors and Immunisation:
a historical perspective.

    Examines chiropractic's traditional
    (and often irrational) bias against
          * * Pediatrics Journal * *

NOTICE:  Chiropractic anti-vaccinationist Dr. Tedd Koren was sued in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D., founder of Quackwatch and Chirobase,  for libel and false reporting.  

A copy of the deposition taken from Dr. Koren is available online.  Readers are invited to read the actual deposition and decide for themselves whether Koren's responses are open, candid and professional; or whether they represent obfuscation and dissembling. 

                           - In The News -

New vaccines combat cocaine and meth addiction

Vaccine for barbeque season - safer hamburger
New vaccine helps prevent E.Coli bacteria in cattle

HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer

London Group examines for MMR associated bowel problems and autism: finds none.
"...further evidence against involvement of MMR vaccine in the initiation of autism.

Scotland group finds no association between MMR vaccine and autism

MMR vaccine not associated with autism or bowel problems

MMR and Autistic spectrum disorder:
latest conference report: "evidence does
   not support the hypothesis that MMR
   vaccine causes autism or associated
   disorders or IBD" - J. of Pediatrics
MMR - Autism: latest IOM report
"evidence favors rejection of a
    causal relationship"
Hooper's book "The River" just speculation
No risk of Guillain-Barre after MMR
J. of Pediatrics
MMR does not increase risk of IBD
New study in Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med
Herd Immunity and the Varicella Vaccine.
    Is it a good thing?

Peltola in Lancet Perspectives
   Criticism of AAPS
No connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Immunization
     NEJM study: "... no association between hepatitis B
      vaccination and the development of multiple sclerosis

NEW_Yel_flash.gif (416 bytes)
Adverse Immune Effects  of
Immunization Refuted
  Early immunization with a combination vaccine
   has positive effects on general immune


Misconceptions About Immunization

Immunization FAQ Site
    An excellent and comprehensive
    site covering many immunization

"Medical Debate" : response to Harris Coulter

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