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Town of Woodbury - learn about the history, government and other aspects of the Town of Woodbury.

Denver G. Atwood at has posted info on the family history of Thomas Atwood (1610-1682) of Connecticut generated from "History of Ancient Woodbury, CT" by William Cothren (date not recorded) and "Ye Atte Wode Annals" by Elijah Francis Atwood (1928). This page is about 64K and may take a few minutes to load. You can use your browser to search for a particular name. He cannot attest to complete accuracy of this information, but feels you may find it helpful.

Woodbury Library, 269 Main St S, Woodbury, CT 06798, 203-263-3502

I have in my possession a well-worn copy of the History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut from the First Indian Deed in 1659 to 1854 including the towns of Washington, Southbury, Bethlem, Roxbury, and a part of Oxford and Middlebury. This book was written by William Cothren in 1854 and is now on-line and searchable, as part of the University of Michigan's Digital Library. Searchable History of Ancient Woodbury, CT. The format of this volume is oodles of lists of political, religious, military, and fraternal entries (primarily just say that they were a member of such & such and are not indexed). The real meat of the volume is in the Family Histories, which are indexed and contain a vast amount of information.

To order a copy of the History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut by William Cothren

Dave Martin has put together a list of some of the books on the Woodbury area:

  1. Bessell, Wesley S. "Old Woodbury and Adjacent Domestic Architecture in Connecticut," The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs. vol. 2, no. 5, 1916.
  2. Bradley, E. T. "The Story of Woodbury Methodism," Woodbury, Conn.: no pub., 1940.
  3. Dodd, Thomas J. "Woodbury Methodist Episcopal Church," Woodbury, Conn.: Author, 1912.
  4. Isham, Charlotte H., Johnson, Arthur N., and Strong, Frederick T. "One Hundred Fifty Years in an Old New England Parish." Woodbury, Conn.: no pub., 1966.
  5. Marshall, Helen Willard. "The Old Glebe House in Woodbury." The Connecticut Antiquarian. vol. 4 (1952), no. 1: 6-15.
  6. Strong, Julia Minor. "The Town and People: Woodbury, Connecticutt." Waterbury, Conn.: Mattatuck Press, 1901.
  7. Strong, Julia Minor, ed. "Woodbury and the Colonial Homes." Woodbury, Conn.: Woodbury Woman's Club, c. 1931.
  8. Tercentenary Commission, "Ancient Woodbury Tercentenary: Historical Souvenir and Official Program, July 4-5, 1959." Waterbury, Conn.: Heminway Corporation, 1959.

Carol A. Hanny has posted an Abbreviated History of Woodbury taken from "The Connecticut Guide", Published by the Emergency Relief Commission, 1935. Remember, some of the route numbers have changed since 1935!

The view of the decorations of The First Congregational Church, Woodbury at it's Bi-Centenial Celebration May 5, 1870

Honor Roll of Litchfield County Revolutionary Soldiers

Find a Grave for Woodbury, Connecticut

Historic USGS Maps of New England Woodbury, CT Quadrangle

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