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Ace our little boy of almost 13 years is causing mayhem in heaven. He had to go in for surgery on February 8, 1999 to have his spleen removed and the doctor found a tumor where the stomach and intestines meet. Due to the location and the unfavorable outcome it was mutually decided in Ace's best interest to send him to God. We are heartbroken, but we know he's in a better place and isn't suffering. We will miss him deeply.
Ralph and Linda

A c e

Ace found us in June of 1986. He is my best buddy in the whole world. I know what he wants by looking into his eyes. And I am the only person he knows that he has not bitten!

Ace has many medical problems and he is also a hypochondriac. Over the years he has had a broken ear, hip problems, calcified disk, liver problems, prostate trouble, and the last biggie was swelling in the vertebrae where he temporarily lost the use of his hind legs. But there have been times where we have rushed him to the vet just to find out he had bad gas.

Lately he has been doing very good, despite all his past troubles. This past summer he spent all his free time digging holes in the back yard. Now that it's not so nice he's been trying his best not to get his feet wet.

ace.jpg - 13.06 K This is Ace our wiener dog at 11 years old.

pup.jpg - 78.90 K Here he is as a puppy, all black and red.

sick.jpg - 150.35 K Ace is allergic to the rabies vaccine. Here he is after his first rabies shot. Ace had to be rushed to the vet for a steroid injection to stop the swelling. The swelling could have continued into his throat and he would have suffocated if this had not been caught and treated immediately.

sit.jpg - 78.85 K Ace likes to sit around and look cute.

party.jpg - 138.76 K But he really likes to whoop it up at parties!

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