I compiled a list of sites that are useful for website owners or people planning to be build one. 
Graphic Shops:
Sailor Orion Refuge
- This is a site has a HUGE graphic shop with Sailormoon and non-Sailormoon Graphics. I got all my graphics here.

Free for All Graphics- A large selection of Sailor Moon graphics.  It even has tutorials on lettering graphics and making banners. 

Goddess Goodies- This is a really great web graphics site. It has Sailormoon and other Anime graphics. It has as generic graphics as well.

Sparklit.com-  This site has polls, guestbooks, mailforms, surveys, and counters

Lycos Gear-  Tons of free add-ons!

Review Sites:
Worst Sailor Moon Pages- Don't let the name fool you! It has the best web building help center I've come across.  It even has a case study.

Free Website Hosting:
Yahoo! Geocities- Website hosting that doesn't require any HTML coding 

Personal Comments:
First, if you're going to download lots of pictures ( like over 20) I would suggest you come up with a coding systen to lable your pics.  I didn't have one at first and it took me FOREVER to remember which was which.  Also please don't use frames.  They take forever to load and sometimes they stick even if when you're off the site. Another thing with pictures, please thumbnail. It only takes a short amount of time, (I know that for sure if you're using Geocities), and looks good and makes the pages download faster.  Don't go over-board with add-ons! I mean don't add so much HMTL stuff that you're page looks messy and unorganized.  Those are just my personal thoughts.
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