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Welcome to my biggest addiction. Please be warned, even viewing and reading these pages could prove addicting. I take no responcibility in anyone else becoming addicted, and spending all of their time, free or otherwise, making lace.

As I have just started this site, I do ask that you be patient with me. I am including a few patterns I have already written, and a page of information just on tatting onto bobby socks.

Joy Critchfield, a 'fellow' tatter in S.C., was asked by a tv reporter why she tatted, while she was exhibiting at the state fair. She told him "I tat because I don't have to...

These aren't the knots of a surgeon with life hanging in the balance. Nor are they the knots of a rescue worker - knots on ropes tossed from cliff tops or from boats in a storm.

These are the knots found in lace on christening gowns, a little girl's party dress hairbow, a wedding veil, or trim for a funeral handkerchief. These are the knots that take a moment in time and mark it as a special occasion.

And there is a place in this world for both kinds of knots - each in it's season. I think it is a wise person who knows how - and when - to tie which kind...

I heard a lady say - as she rushed into the Home Arts Building, past the tatting booth, and back out the door again - "Tatting's tedious and time consuming." Maybe so. And it just may be that her life - and the lives of those around her - might be a better place if she slowed down a minute, and took time to tie up a tedious bit of handmade beauty.

I tat because I don't have to. And with each and every knot tied, I feel my work says, "With all it's emergencies and have to's... Life is still worthwhile, still worth celebrating and still worth going the extra mile for! "

So do all that you have to do. Never let a shuttle stand in the way of taking care of the "have to's". But - every spare second after that - tat to your heart's content!!!"

I have to agree with Joy. In this world of fear, and unrest, when more and more people are asking hard questions about life, and how we live, it is very important to make living worthwhile.

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