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You have stumbled upon my listing of They Might Be Giants Bootlegs. My rules are pretty simple. I am only interested in CDs and complete shows and never for profit. Please contact me if you would like to set something up. Check out the free mp3 below!

TMBG - Mr. Me (featuring The Other Thing)Live 12/10/2003


bullet Offer me a trade, I check my email almost everyday, so come on! do it!
bullet Always do exact copies with Disc at Once (DOA) and no 2 second gaps. If I sent you a disc with 2 second gaps, I am an idiot and I will send you a new disc. I expect the same from you.
bullet When you email me, please reply including our previous messages. This helps a lot when I'm arranging multiple trades and ensures your disks end up going to the right address.
bullet I won't split hairs over the number of CD's in a trade, the number of disks should be relatively equal, but CD's are cheap and postage is cheap too. If I'm getting something good, I'll send you extra discs.
bullet I am a music fan first, and an audiophile second. Yes I understand mp3's are a lossy format and I would not use them to make an audio copy for you. However, if mp3 is the only format you have a They Might Be Giants show in, I'm very interested in it. I can put any format on to a CDr that you would like (.wav, .mp3, .shn, .flac, etc) I will covert to standard audio CD's unless you request otherwise.
bullet I don't care what type of name brand CDr's you send me. If you do care, that's cool, let me know and I'll use that type.
bullet I will not trade commercially produced live shows. These are shows you can pick up at your local music store by trading with cash. This site is not for profit. I own every CD that was commercially produced for the bands I trade for.
bullet Lastly, have fun people


They Might Be Giants have now started a download service through www.theymightbegiants.com featuring live shows beginning 7/2/04. All the shows I get from that site will not be trade-able. If you want a copy, check out their site and pay them $10 bucks (they deserve the respect).

Drop me an email,

I'm also interested in the following groups, although They Might Be Giants trades are preferred. [as well as any solo work by John Flansburgh, John Linnell, Mono Puff, etc...]
Ben Folds Five [or solo]
Barenaked Ladies
Common Rotation
Flogging Molly
Fountains of Wayne
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Moxy Fruvous
Reel Big Fish
Tenacious D


They Might Be Giants
Date Venue Length Source
06/23/1987 Richmond 1 Disc mp3 @ 192kbs/44.1kHz
06/26/1987 Atlanta, GA 1 Disc mp3 @ 192kbs/44.1kHz
06/20/1988 New Orleans, LA 1 Disc aud cass > CDr
10/24/1988 Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH 1 Disc mp3 @ 128kbs/44.1kHz
03/16/1989 Romer, Bremen, Germany 1 Disc FM Broadcast > ?? > shn
04/28/1990 (Date May Be Wrong) The Metro, Chicago, IL 1 Disc fm
04/24/1992 Bielfeld, Germany 1 Disc mp3 @ 192kbs/44.1kHz
04/26/1992 Duesseldorf, Germany 1 Disc aud
06/27/1992 Chicago, IL (a.k.a. Dr. Spocks Backup Band) 1 Disc mp3 @ 256kbs, 44kHz
10/05/1992 Modjeska Theatre, Milwaukee, WI *Stage Collapses* 2 Discs DAT > CDR > SHN
12/31/1992 Philadelphia, PA 2 Discs 95:01 mp3 @ 192kbs/44.1kHz
xx/xx/1992 Germany "unknown acoustic performance" 1 Disc 44:20 mp3 @ 160kbs/44.1kHz
10/14/1994 Sony Music Studios, New York 1 Disc sbd / fm? (radio breaks between tracks)
10/29/1994 Irving Plaza, NY (John Henry Show) 2 Discs aud
11/18/1994 UCSD Price Center, San Diego, CA 2 Discs aud > cass > CDR
xx/xx/1994 Live at the Wireless 1 Disc 40:41 mp3 @ 160kbs/44.1kHz
02/26/1995 Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV 1 Disc 23:48 mp3 @ 56kbs/22.1kHz
10/09/1995 Unknown Location (I have to research this one) 1 Disc 54:34 mp3 @ 160kbs/44.1kHz
11/22/1996 El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA 2 Discs aud
02/07/1997 Irving Plaza, New York, NY 2 Discs aud > cass > CDR
02/21/1997 Irving Plaza, New York, NY 2 Discs aud > cass > CDR
04/29/1997 Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL(show was labeled 04/24/97 when i received it) 2 Discs 138:19 mp3 @ 192/44.1kHz
04/30/1997 The Metro, Chicago, IL 2 Discs aud
09/11/1997 Page Auditorium, Duke University, Durham 1 Disc aud (from taper)
10/23/1997 Agora Theater 1 Disc 70:48 mp3 @ 128/44.1kHz
12/03/1997 Trabant Univeristy Center, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 1 Disc aud > Shn
09/11/1998 House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA 2 Discs 97:20 mp3 @ 128/44.1kHz
09/28/1998 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI 2 Discs 103:27 mp3 @ 128/44.1kHz
10/13/1998 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA 1 Disc 73:57 mp3 @ 128/44.1kHz
10/14/1998 The Avalon, Boston, MA (My fist attended show!) 1 cass aud (poor quality from bootlegger)
10/15/1998 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 1 Disc 67:18 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
10/16/1998 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs shn
10/17/1998 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs 121:01 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
12/31/1998 Tramps, New York, NY 2 Discs aud > cass > CDR
xx/xx/1998 the El Rey 2 Discs 90:13 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
05/15/1999 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY *early show* 2 Disc aud
07/16/1999 (unsure of date) Tipitinas (this doesn't appear to be a complete show - also possibly mislabeled as 07/16/199 when tmbg.net says 09/16/1999) 1 Disc 30:59 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
07/17/1999 (unsure of date) Webcast (I have to research this one) 1 Disc 67:36 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
09/27/1999 House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA 2 Discs 89:51 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
10/11/1999 Mississippi Nights, St Louis, MO 2 Discs 84:30 mp3 @ 112kbps/44.1kHz
10/21/1999 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs aud
10/22/1999 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs aud (2 sec gaps)
10/23/1999 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs flac (authorized)
04/27/2000 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs Live Webcast > mp3
08/19/2000 Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 2 Discs 82:51 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
11/16/2000 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 2 Discs 84:36 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
11/30/2000 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY *Flood show* 1 Disc webcast? incomplete show
12/06/2000 Radio Broadcast World Cafe 1 Disc FM Broadcast
01/27/2001 Irving Plaza, New York, NY *Saphire Bullets Open Playing whole Flood Album* 2 Discs aud > cass? > CDR
03/18/2001 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC 1 Disc aud
06/24/2001 Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN 1 Disc 62:53 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
09/01/2001 Columbia University, New York, NY 2 Discs 99:03 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
09/22/2001 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 2 Discs aud
10/24/2001 Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH 2 Discs 93:53 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
11/16/2001 Town Hall, New York, NY 2 Discs 103:34 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
11/22/2001 Astoria, London, UK 2 Discs 96:56 mp3 @ 128kbps/44.1kHz
11/25/2001 The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland *includes opening act* 2 Discs ?? > shn
12/29/2001 Vanderbilt, Palinview, NY 2 Discs 90:06 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
03/21/2002 New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, TN 2 Discs 96:24 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
04/03/2002 Bijou Theatre, Knoxville, TN 2 Discs 97:01 mp3 @ 192kbps/44.1kHz
05/11/2002 Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA 2 Discs shn
08/04/2002 Minnetonka Borders, Minnetonka, MN 1 Disc ogg
08/06/2002 Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA 2 Discs 103:42 mp3 @ variable/44.1kHz
10/21/2002 Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI 2 Discs shn
07/18/2003 The Egg, Albany, NY 2 Discs aud > FLAC
07/23/2003 KUER Salt Lake City 1 Disc FM Broadcast
08/30/2003 Last Fling - Naperville, IL 2 Disc aud
08/31/2003 Snow Ridge Ski Area, Turin, NY 1 Disc shn > CDR (from taper)
09/28/2003 Joe's Pub (late show), New York, NY 1 Disc 72:20 shn > CDR (from taper)
11/14/2003 Borders Books, Philadelphia, PA 1 Disc and 1 VHS Analog Video Camera > mp3 @ 128kbs,44.1kHz
11/18/2003 Virgin Megastore Union Square, New York, NY 1 Disc 45:09 shn > CDR (from taper)
12/10/2003 Barnes & Noble Union Square, New York, NY 1 Disc 43.24 shn > CDR (from taper)
07/02/2004 PromoWest Pavilion, Columbus, OH *not for trade* 2 Discs FLAC
07/04/2004 Taste of Chicago - WXRT Broadcast, Chicago, IL *not for trade* 1 Disc (7 min interview on 2nd disc) sbd > FM Broadcast > FLAC
07/13/2004 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO *not for trade* 2 Discs mp3@256kbps/44kHz
07/18/2004 Trees, Dallas, TX *not for trade* 2 Discs mp3@256kbps/44kHz



The Other List
Band Venue Date Length Source
Barenaked Ladies ?? 07/30/1999 2 Discs aud
Ben Folds ?? 04/05/2004 1 Disc ?? > shn
Ben Folds Five ?? 11/06/1997 1 Disc ?? > shn
Ben Folds Five Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 11/07/1997 2 Discs aud
Common Rotation John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood, CA 07/26/2002 1 Disc shn > CDr
Common Rotation American Legion Hall, Los Angeles, CA 02/15/2003 1 Disc shn > CDr
Common Rotation The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA 03/09/2003 1 Disc shn > CDr
Cream ?? 10/17/1986 2 Disc aud
Moxy Fruvous Paradis Rock Club, Boston, MA 10/29/1998 2 Discs sbd
R.E.M. Orlando, FL "Songs For A Green World" 04/30/1989 1 Disc aud
R.E.M. Athens, GA "Automatically Live" 11/19/1992 1 Disc aud
Rustic Overtones Club Toast, Burlington, VT 03/05/1998 1 Disc sdb > dat > shn > CDr
Rustic Overtones The Pickle Barrel, Killington, VT 01/08/2002 1 Disc shn > CDr
Soul Coughing Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL 05/13/1995 1 Disc shn > CDr
Tenacious D Roseland Theater, Portland, OR 07/22/2000 2 Discs sdb > shn > CDr
Tenacious D State Theater, Portland, Maine 12/11/2001 1 Disc shn > CDr
Tenacious D Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY 01/22/2002 2 Discs shn > CDr
Tenacious D Bricktown Event Center, Oklahoma City, OK 04/19/2002 2 Discs shn > CDr
Tenacious D The Largo, Los Angeles, CA (Standing 'O') 12/20/2003 1 Disc shn > CDr


Links to Other Places to Find Live They Might Be Giants shows

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Phishhook dot COM - another place to find my list and plug foor this website
alt.music.tmbg on google - Post and read posting by TMBG fans
TDK's Page - One of the most complete TMBG bootleg lissts although he has taken his list down
Tim's Page - Friendly and easy to trade with.
Tape Trader dot Com - Yes my tiny list is posted here as well

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